Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Pig Roast


Pig roasts are very popular up here and last month we had the opportunity to shot an Anniversary party that featured one. I had to take photos of the pig, of course.


It was a great party with ballroom dancing afterwards! But the pig has stuck in my mind, lol.


I guess I'm one of those people who don't like to think of my meat once being alive and seeing the pig laid out in it's "coffin" was too much for me. I could not eat it, lol. But my husband did and he said it was delicious! Lucky for me they had plenty of other nice food to go around.


See the steam rising?


This guy did all the carving and the pig was hot! He wore these really thick gloves to protect himself from burns I imagine.


It was really interesting to watch him work.


And when he was done, there wasn't much left on the pig.


I was pretty amazed at all the fat that dripped off too! Ew!


I was a little surprised that no one ate the apple. I guess I assumed it was like the worm in tequila and people would fight over it.


Do you want it?


  1. Ugh, not a pretty sight on the table. In NC, we call those pig pickings, where they roast a whole pig over a fire and then everyone picks the meat off of the body, rather than having a person carve it off. The meat is also called pulled pork because it's pulled off and stringy rather than a nice clean cut.

  2. YUCK! I simply cannot LOOK at it!!

    I have been to one and the meat was very good.

    But I couldn't go near where they were cooking it / him!

  3. Oy!! Yuck... he doesn't even look like a pig. The face is kind of rodenty... and you know how I feel about rodents...not good!

    There's something to be said about knowing where your food comes from, but that might be a bit much for me. :)

  4. Ew. Friends of ours are having one in August and I will not eat any. I do not find it appetizing at all. I prefer to think of my meat coming from a package ;0)

  5. Now, here in Vermont, we've had BIG back woods style parties (in my teen years) and with the pig, big pig, being roasted....but I've never seen teeth...or rump...or an apple in it's mouth. That's a fanciful pig roasting you have there, Lisa. I don't believe that I could've eaten from it either. Ours were always done on this big spicket thingy over an open fire and when it was done, you'd go up and rip off a piece of meat. It didn't look entirely like the pig.

    Great shots, though :)

  6. Mh, not sure about the teeth and such, but hey, that's Life.

    I would take that roasted porky any time right now, yumyum! :D

  7. OMG .. this looks horrible :( :( I can't eat this.

  8. OMG. i will never eat ribs and look at them in the same way again.

  9. I went to a pig roast at a family reunion a few years' back. The day before I visited the pig pen and fell in love with a pig called "Reunion", only to find out that he was the main course at the picnic. City Girl meet Country Picnic. I wasn't able to touch pork for a very, very long time after that!

  10. You did a fine job with the photos, and I giggled at the write-up. I'd easily have eaten that apple!!!

  11. My first thought was, ACK, and I'll stick with that.

  12. I have to agree it looks very un appetizing, but I have actually eaten a pig made that way and it is delicious

  13. no, thanks. I dont eat it...but i love the second one shot..congrats

  14. can do either....just looking at the photos, i lost my appetite! :-) But, this has nothing to do with your photographic skills, you obviously made it look as delectable as possible. ;-)

  15. Not a pretty sight :)
    But I guess it tasted good !
    I think the pigs in front of my Mustang is cuter though and very alive :)
    Have a nice weekend !

  16. Did no one watch the Food Network on presentation! :)

  17. I've always had a problem with eating meat because even as a child I couldn't just disassociate 'meat' from 'animal' and, inevitably, as an adult I went vegetarian for many years. However Mr Piggy - and specifically bacon - was eventually my downfall. Now I'd say we're 95% veggie heads, but if I had to look at Mr Piggy like this I'd be straight back to 100%, no doubt about it! I'm sure this was absolutely delicious but, oh boy, it's creepy to look at!

  18. Oh My God ... this is totally gross looking. I've never been to a pig roast and now I don't think I want to ever go to one. I need to disassociate myself with my meat ... and this doesn't do that AT ALL.

  19. I love ham/pork, but i would not be able to eat that either. Ugh. think it was the teeth that did it.

  20. I love pork but that was just a little too real. You're right, I wouldn't have eaten it either. =)