Monday, March 17, 2014

Leslie Gulch BLM Oregon

The road into the area. 

The start of the trail. Basically you follow a creek bed and scramble up rocks. 

Husband and I have always been curious enough about where paths lead to park the car and get out and walk. However, this is my first time carrying a pack. I really want to do a backpacking adventure so I need to practice. My pack weighed 12 lbs, it's a start. I also am clueless about how to attach my new walking poles, hoping to figure that out. 
We saw butterflies, but none waited for a photo, and wild flowers. 

The area looks a lot like Utah. But is closer to home. 
This is the view from the top. I really learned how to use my poles getting up here. 

Owl pellet
We followed a different branch of the creek back to the car and I had to figure out how to get down from the top of this big rock. Dennis found a way down and then reached above his head to help me down. Scary!