Sunday, October 31, 2010



Halloween is a holiday not to be overlooked.  For me, it signals the beginning of winter, the end of daylight savings time, the start of the holiday season, quickly followed by Thanksgiving then Christmas, the end of the year.  Where did this year go?

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The ornament next an English Walnut shell that we kept from last winter - I'm not sure why - it still fits together perfectly. . .

Macro Monday Boo!


I bought these tiny halloween ornaments a few years back at a quaint little shop. They were 3/$1 and I thought they were cute. Unfortunately, they live in a drawer and are typically forgotten about during the holiday.





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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scary sooc #21


As I browsed a huge graveyard of large fiberglass molds used to make big things, I came upon a Devil I knew would be perfect for a Halloween SOOC. Hope you all have a happy, safe Halloween. :0)



If you didn't already know, add a little uplighting for a scary effect. ;)



Our minds are full of ideas of the way our lives should be, or will be.  After diagnosis, we have to dump all those thoughts out, pick through them, reevaluate, recycle.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Some of my favorite dogs


On our way into the Theodore Roosevelt National Park we saw this Bald Eagle sitting way up high.


But as we came around the next curve in the road we were greeted with a Prairie Dog community. How I love these guys. They are so fun to watch and it's intriguing to me that they all live in a little community - you never see just one prairie dog hole all by itself.


They kinda bark like my pups, how nice of them to warn their neighbors.


I wondered if this one was just chubby, or maybe getting ready to add to the community?


I think this is one of the older members of the group, she reminds me of Ma from the Golden Girls, lol.


I guess every community has a dimwit, er uh village idiot.  I don't think it would be very safe to have your hole right in the middle of the road, cars can play a game of whack-a-mole by accident.

Camera Critters

female dark-eyed junco


Regardless of the diagnosis. each and every day that we breathe we are living with - not dying of - cancer.  (Otherwise, we have been dying of life since the day we were born.) ~ unknown

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While I was watching she found a worm - cool!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jordan, Montana


To be real honest I'm not sure if this was the western edge of North Dakota, or the eastern edge of Montana. Pretty though, no?


We pulled over at this museum's parking lot to call some hotels and find one for the night so we could determine our best route. Yeah, we travel on the fly.


We got onto a Montana backroad not long after entering the state, from Glendive we went to Circle then on to Jordan. Kinda going right through its middle towards Glacier. We were surprised that even on backroads the speed limit was 70 mph. The bugs sure do splat at that speed, lol.



Coming into Jordan, where we spent the night. This is the only stop-and-go light flashing light in town. To the left, out of sight is our motel, if you turn right there's a place to eat, or drink. One of the tiny towns we passed through had a sign that would have fit here too, "Go ahead and blink, we're still here."


I crossed the road and turned around, here's our motel. The Garfield Motel, I guess because we're in Garfield county. The owners are very nice and they've recently purchased the place and working on renovating it. That bright spot is the only convenience store in town. The town had a population of 364 peoples in 2000, and they are at least an hour from any other town. Amazing way to live.


While facing the motel I looked left and could see the bar and grill where we ate dinner.


Any wonder that the new owners are redecorating? Scary, lol. Everywhere I turned there was a new color and/or pattern, kinda gave me a headache. But shockingly of all, we had internet.


We were up and at 'em really early. This was shot real quick as we loaded the van. I think it's a similar position as when we came into town in the dark. Wagon's ho. . .


A little ways down the road we were treated to sunrise in Montana - Glorious!

the juncos are back


If I have a pain that lasts for any length of time, I fear the cancer has come back.  Paranoid?  Yes, I am.  But, I think, in this situation, the paranoia is normal.  I had a diagnosis hit me from out of the blue, in fact, the last words I said to the doctor performing the test was, "Well, we know it's not cancer, or I'd already be dead."  I was 38 years old, it was not supposed to be cancer.  The next words he said to me were, "We found cancer."  I am much more in tune to my body nowadays.  Yes, I am paranoid.

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My photo has nothing to do with my words but I figure that's ok.  I'm excited the dark-eyed juncos are back, winter is coming!

So Kissable!


Sookie went to the vet yesterday, checked out perfect. She got her first shot and didn't even cry, or flinch. Such a sweetheart!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fortune cookie says


Fortune cookie says: Your courage is like a kite; big wind raises it higher. ~ I just hope it doesn't get caught in a tree like this mylar balloon.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Theodore Roosevelt National Park









My size doesn't matter, I have the strength to take on things 10 times bigger than I am.

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I really should have taken my flash out with us I guess, oh well, I still like this one of her.  Sorry I'm overloading you on puppy for a little bit here, I'm assuming I'll find a home for her soon and her time here is limited so I'm soaking her up. :)


She jumps and runs and wants to play with everyone. That's her daddy's leg you can see on the right.


He ran like a little girl while she chased him wanting to play, she finally cornered him and he turned with fear in his eyes, lol.


Brodi's pretty cautious of his wee one, but he does play with her a little and she's starting to mimic his play. This photo was taken right before the first photo. A series of three.

IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385

Monday, October 25, 2010



I can't control the weather, but I hope I can be like this plant, sturdy and strong, holding on against the odds.

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Our Crazy Lhasas


I recently rearranged the furniture for the winter and the pups are going crazy trying to get to the birds.  Brodi on the left and Fibi on the right jump up each time a bird comes to feed.  I just grabbed the point and shoot to snap them, was afraid they would disappear if I took the time to change the lens on the big boy.



Fibi's puppy loves to sleep like this, like mother like daughter I guess. I'm thinking she should go to a photographer - she doesn't mind when I take photos of her, she stays still and just opens an eye, or two, and watches. I think maybe she likes it, lol.

Fibi in her bye-bye basket @ 4 months old

Fibi at 4 months old.