Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I Love Blogging

Note: Photostory Friday is the post below this one.


Blogging is an adaptable journey. I’ve been blogging now for four years, and while I’ve written a post before about why I blog, just like the rest of life and its various goals change with time, my blog and the reasons behind it also evolves. So, when Joy said she was having a blogging party, based on “Why I Love Blogging” I thought I would take the opportunity to explore my current reasons.

I started my little ole blog as a way to keep in touch with family across the miles. It has seen me through:

  • Building a house my husband and sons (exhausting work)

  • Getting diagnosed with cancer/going through chemo (a place to spill my fears & worries and find wonderful support)

  • Children leaving the nest (only one left)

  • My dry spell while I tried to decide what to say (I’m plenty loquacious now)

  • The birth of my first grandchild (now I have three)

  • Vacations, Travel and Family Craziness (with 6 kids there’s plenty)

  • Starting a Photography Business (growing nicely)

  • Weight loss and finding myself again (including cancer rechecks - still in remission!)


But where is it now? Why do I keep posting? Still a top reason for me is the bloganship here in bloggy land. I have met the best people, through comments, emails and reading their blogs - I feel like I have friends all over the world. And I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to meet a handful of them.

Another big reason I continue is that this is My world ~ Lisa Land. It sounds really funny to have that come out of me, because in life I am the type of person who just goes with the flow, I’m a follower, not a leader. But this is a place where I am Queen and can have things my way, and after all this time I feel pretty comfortable with that. If I feel like rambling on at length I can. If I don’t feel like talking I can just throw up a photo. If I need a sounding board I turn here. I find inspiration from my friends (yes, you!) and comfort. Blogging makes me feel a part of a huge family, no longer the lonely only child.

I did it!

Even if you aren’t participating in the blog party I would love to hear why you blog. So, I ask you, why do you love blogging?

It's a Wonderful Spring!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


How about some Mourning Doves? They sat there so quietly that I almost missed them. But I’m feeling very fortunate this spring because not only has Pixel, the flying squirrel, moved into one of my birdhouses, but . . .


I know where a Pileated Woodpecker hangs out. I’m hoping he will cooperate for a better photo soon.


And within 100 feet of the Pileated are a pair of Ospreys hard at work building a nest.


She would place the sticks as he brought them to her. But as I neared she was sure to keep her eyes on me.





In the meantime, Mr Osprey, tired from all his stick gathering, stood scratching his butt. Men!

Yes indeedy, it's a great spring!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt #2

Thank you Kristi for hosting this fun Photo Scavenger Hunt!

I've always thought this castle in downtown Point was pretty cool architecture. Just too bad it is now broken up into architecture
Last year my son and I quickly planted some tulips when they were done blooming and didn't think much about it. I am excited to say that impulse gardening must work because they are coming up!spring
Sharing my music with JoZe's
Jelly Bellies in a glass puffer fish we bought at the Milwaukee museum last time we were there.  Have you ever tried to photograph an empty clear puffer fish?sweet
From the archives - A blacksmith works with red hot metal.IMG_9706
From the archives: This is from some time ago, but trust me, it looks a lot like this around here now.dark skies
I found this doorway, on an old abandoned school, very doorway
A reflection of me in my son's
I love this cemetery with its grottoes on the edges.cemetery
I am not a shoe person but I could not resist these Vera Wang sandals. Also my first set of heels in at least 10 years. I love them!shoes
In the summer this beach will be hopping but for today it's just me and the birds.water
My favorite drink in the whole wide world! Diet Coke!drink
With the plethora of murals around downtown Stevens Point you might be surprised to know that I drove several miles away to shot the water tower in a nearby town.mural
Drip, drip, drip, little April showers . . .rain
When I was a kid my parents had a couple of Model Ts that we drove in parades. Many of my dad's hours were spent in the garage as he rebuilt this 1918 Runabout. These were our Christmas cards that year.old car
Just try to tell me that stained glass isn't a work of art. ;)art
A statue in a grotto at a nearby cemetery.statue
I think it's pretty cool that this old church is now a place were stained glass is
This sky made us pull over to enjoy it's momentary presence. The glow around the clouds was very sky
I was in motion when I took this photo of my son and husband, also in motion.lc1521
From the archives: Enjoying a nice night walk.night walk
A tree silhouetted as the sun was beginning to set.silhoutte
Wild Rose has a neat old mill, built in 1855.historical
This unusual perspective is of a sign pointing the way to a little chapel on an island at the Red Mill.unusual perspective
I was drawn to this huge unusually-blue mums last time we got a bouquet, thought you might like them too.flower
Busy, busy, busy - I almost forgot to take a self portrait. . .so here I am folding a towel, sorry it was taken with my cell phone, quickly, so I could finish this

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Whole Color Palette


Stained glass always looks better back lit.




The Flying Squirrel has a name


I promised Jelly Bellies to the person who chose the name for my newest friend. We have a winner, comment 31 - Tim suggested, “I would call him Pixel” Tim doesn’t have a blog to link to, but I have emailed him.


Please meet Pixel. An appropriate name for a boy or a girl, and for a petite flying squirrel. And something simple to call him/her while (s)he hangs out with us for a while.


Last Friday, we had our hottest day so far, even broke a record for hottest at 86 degrees. Poor Pixel was very hot since the trees do not yet have leaves and the sun was beating down on the bird house.


I felt so bad that I ran the sprinkle below the house trying to help cool the air. But the heat made her stay this way for much of the day. This is how I found out that we’ll be having babies and Pixel is a girl.


I don’t how long Pixel will be with us, so lets enjoy her while we can. I look forward to seeing babies!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Tundra Swans in Waupaca


When Dennis was on his way home one day he saw a lot of white on the lake. He couldn’t tell what they were but decided to take me to check it out.


Unfortunately, this is as close as we could get. But most of those birds are Swans. I guess the Tundra Swans were migrating, because we haven’t seen them since.


There sure were a lot of them.