Monday, March 29, 2010

Which road do you choose?


Have you ever noticed how the road leading the wrong way is paved and beautiful but often the right road is full of potholes and difficult to travel?

Say one day, you and your best friend are traveling the road, the right road you believe and after going down it for some time you come to an intersection.  At the intersection you don't even stop to discuss which way to go, your bff just veers off and you're pretty content as you trust his judgment in these things.  He tells you that he has spoken to the higher power and this is the path you should continue on, while you are now having to push the vehicle while he rides comfortably inside.


You continue this way for some time when suddenly he tells you that he's not so sure the higher power is even aware of what's going on.  You are surprised by this as the road has looked decent enough, although you are still pushing, there have been no hills and it's a pretty easy job.

After his confession, you begin to question, and finally you suggest that he consult the higher power but if he's not willing to do so, you say you will stop pushing long enough to consult them yourself.  You fear being cut off from the higher power, so insist communication be done right away.  Luckily, about this time there is another intersection, a detour, back to the right road, you know the one full of potholes, but the one that is where you are supposed to be.


You bumpily leave the smoothness of the wrong road and begin down the right road once more, but this time he will not let you in his car.  This time you must walk the right road alone, while he idles at the intersection.  Your bff has decided to cut you out of his life for questioning his ways, and he is doing his best to make your path even bumpier.


Have you been lead down the wrong road before?  How did things turn out once you got back on the right one?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Macro Monday Button Nose


Sometimes you just stumble upon something that you think you must have. I found this little furry puppy at a convenience store and thought my granddaughter would like it.


It fits perfectly in her hand and has a button on the bottom, that when pressed, it barks.


I decided to snap a few shots before giving it to her, since she's so little I'm sure it quickly got all mussed up, but that's totally ok. I wonder if she found the rabbit fur softness soothing, I did as a child.


macro monday

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Friday, March 26, 2010

taking a bubble bath


I'm sitting here at midnight, preparing my post after a kinda rough couple of days (although things are looking up now), so I hope you don't mind that I am just going to share my photos today without a lot of elaboration.






Camera Critters

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Run Sanderling Run!


By now you've probably concluded that I am enamored with the Sanderling. We saw them at each beach we went to and I could not resist watching their antics.


They stay at the edge of the water, going towards the ocean as the water goes out . . .


. . .and, running like crazy towards shore when the water came in. Isn't he darling?!





No matter how many times I watched him do this I never tired of it. And he never got swept away by a wave, believe me, I held my breath with anticipation each time.


Btw, this beach was more broken shell (is that called shale?) than it was sand. It sure made for a beautiful color!


I guess he got full. Doesn't he look coy?

Monday, March 22, 2010

In a fog


It looks rather lonely and bleak, I don't think anyone is home.



It's unusual for us to have fog that lasts all day. But we spent at least 4 days in a fog, every minute of every day, and I assume night, was spent being able to see only a short distance.



The good news is that when the fog lifted we had sunshine and less snow. :0)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Macro Monday Sand Dollar


This tiny sand dollar survived a trip from Maine last year and has managed to survive being tossed from place to place awaiting its moment to shine. I'm really bad about actually taking photos of objects that are in my possession. My son has learned not to eat a heart shaped doughnut (or walmart cupcake) that has been sitting around for a while - it may take me a year to finally get to it. lol


So this little sand dollar has been very tolerant of my procrastination. Now that I've recorded it it will probably crumble. It's less than the size of a quarter - very small!


I'm amazed that the dust from its journeys shows up!

macro monday

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Decisions, decisions


When I met my husband, January 2002, we had a little turmoil blending our families - 6 teenagers can make life. . .well, pleasant - NOT! And there were moments I was not sure we would be able to be together. We weren't sure the issues with the kids could be worked out. I'm happy to say they did work out and this May we will be married 7 years.

Now you may wonder what books have to do with any of this. The thing was that during those moments of stress and anguish, when we thought we might have to stop seeing each other I would assure him each time, that I would be ok "I still have my books". I've always been a reader, getting all the reading certificates all through grade school and junior high, earning my lifetime award - uh, yeah, who cares, right. But books have always been a very important part of my life and it was my way of telling him that I would live through it. I wouldn't like it but I would survive.

Eight years later books remain a little joke between us. Through the years I have read many and we have read many more. You see, I pulled him into my love of books and rather than listening to the radio in the car I read to him while he drives. I think I'm just as excited for our trips because of what places books will take us as I am about the places we're going.

He's very good about keeping me stocked in new books, so a few weeks ago when I mentioned my to-read pile was down to just a couple of books he promptly took me on a search to find some new ones. It took a few shopping expeditions but I acquired a nice pile to read alone and to share with him.

Before you ask, yes I have contemplated getting an electronic reader of sorts, it would diminish my need for a book light in bed I assume. But I couldn't take it in the tub with me, could I? Or to the beach, etc? Are they waterproof. Besides, there's something I like about holding it in my hands and turning the pages. The only time I hate my books is when we move, lugging 10+ plastic tubs of books is really not much fun, and our teenagers have since grown and moved out - except for Haden and he's pretty tired of moving my boxes of books around for me, lol.

Oh well, no matter what happens, I still have my books.


LISA moment

This just in. . .this is the shot that Dennis snapped at the moment of my accident. You can see Addy is too busy kissing daddy to notice and Tristan is watching me like I'm showing him a new trick and the photo is blurry because Dennis has been startled by the commotion going on next to him and moved the camera as he snapped. LOL

If you don't know what accident I'm talking about, you can read about it here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Royal Terns



I think these fellows are adorable! The little feathers tufting up on the backs of their heads makes me think of little old balding men. They just need tweed jackets. :)



Camera Critters