Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saying goodbye to 2009


I'm rather happy to leave this year behind. No, it hasn't been a bad one, I'm just ready for the new one. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions but I don't mind looking back and seeing what was accomplished. I fell in love with facebook this year. I love instant access to so many friends! I love catching up with people I hadn't talked to since high school. And I love that any time I have a question, from where should I eat in a town I'm visiting to why my dumplings did not dump - I have an answer within minutes.

me 15 to go

I spent the first half of the year dieting and the rest of the year keeping it off. I lost 60 lbs and have been successful at maintaining. Now it's time to finish off those last 25 lbs. I feel better with those stupid 60 lbs gone, I can happily wear a size 6 jeans and am still always shocked at how comfy a medium shirt is.


I got to meet up with more bloggers.  I saw Kaytabug in Missouri (again), Leanne in Iowa, and Jientje in Illinois.  I need to meet more Wisconsin bloggers, lol.  But we're hoping to make it to Florida in February and with any luck I'll meet more bloggers that trip.


I started the Macro Monday meme - thanks to you all for playing along!  I love seeing what you all share each week!

My Survivors Tattoo

I got my first (and only) tattoo, celebrating being a cancer survivor, one butterfly for each year of survival ~ I look forward to adding more butterflies.


I went to Maine, and saw Stephen King's house!  I've been reading him since junior high school - my English teacher always took his books away, lol.


I met my in-laws for the first time.   It was hard for us to communicate since I can't speak Spanish and they don't speak much English, but we had a good time. They're back in Honduras now so I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to see them again.


I rode the entire 30+ mile green circle trail, more than once!  And learned the benefits of wearing ugly padded biking shorts.


Our photography business grew and continues to grow!  So, I photographed many beautiful brides and ate a ton of wedding cake ~ it's amazing I lost any weight!


And I got to play with so many babies!  And teens and couples. . .  I took more photos for business than pleasure this year but I guess that's ok.  I am hoping to find more time this coming year for my nature photo safaris.   I do have fun shooting peoples

Yeah, I think it's safe to say it was a great year! Although, an exhausting one.

Thanx Amanda


I feel very honored to be Amanda's blog of the week! You can see the post here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Quilt


What have we here? This is a Christmas quilt my mom made for us.


But all Tristan sees is roads for his cars.


So many cute little Christmas items embroidered.




The funny thing is, when I was a kid, I would have seen roads for my cars too.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tiny Turtle


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Adrianna has a tiny turtle, this turtle fits perfectly in her hand but I could fit three of them in mine. I was tempted to keep it but she loves it very much!


macro monday

Macro Monday is easy to play, snap a macro (or any close-up) photo, post it on your blog and come back here and sign MckLinky. Don't forget to visit each other. :)

I think Christmas affected my brain and I forgot MckLinky - oops - Thanx Mojo!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adrianna's party


December 18th marked Adrianna's 1st birthday. Of course there was a party.


And cake!


Her mama made the cute little bears, pink for Addy and white for Twister. There's a story behind the bears, each one of my children had bear cakes just like these for their first birthdays. It makes me so happy that Britney is continuing it with her children too.


And lots of girlie presents.


She figured out the whole wrapping paper thing pretty quickly and it was good practice for Christmas a week later, lol.


Not to get all mushy but I love this girl SO much! She is so affectionate and tiny and cute and sweet and funny and huggable and I could go on and on. A year ago I wondered how I could possibly love her as much as I did Tristan, but I do, and it took a while for her to like me, it seemed, but she sure does now. There's nothing better than having both of these babies on my lap.


And princesses, lol.


Another first birthday tradition that Britney has started is pizza. We anxiously watched our little peanut sample her first piece of pizza.


She figured out what to do with it quickly.



Pizza in one hand and cake in the other, could there be a better day?



Tristan did very well throughout it all. He wasn't jealous of sister getting presents at all. But I love the expression when he sees his bear on his tray.


Lil ham.


He figured out what to do with the bear pretty quick.



As did Addy.


Yep it was a good party!