Monday, June 29, 2009

June's Photo Scavenger Hunt

I must be a glutton for punishment - I’m doing Kristi’s Photo Scavenger Hunt once again. Are you ready to be overloaded on photos? Okay-dokey, here we go:

view from above
1. A view from above (looking down)
I love rollercoasters! But, have you ever tried to photograph your ride? Let’s just say I had to ride a few times to get a decent shot.

a macro shot
2. A macro shot
A trinket I forgot about for a few years, but finally sent off to my mom.

3. Laughter
A child’s laughter is precious!

4. Relaxation
The best place to relax is on daddy’s shoulder.

a celebration
5. A celebration
I bet you know what kind of celebration we were at.

a sunset
6. A sunset
Last Thursday, Dennis and I went to a get together on a boat up in Green Bay. After our cruise, on our walk to the car, we paused so I could snap this pretty sky.

7. Sun/lens flare
The soldier moved at the same moment I clicked and the sun bounced back at me off one of his medals.

a bridge
8. A bridge
Just one bridge?

a shadow
9. A shadow
Me, waving at you!

a garden
10. A garden
Unfortunately, not my garden. But pretty nonetheless.

a park
11. A Park
Some of you followed my facebook status last week when Dennis left me in the woods and I hoped he didn’t forget where. This is the park we were in, although we left the trail. Dennis did come back for me and helped me climb up the steep slope, he’s considerate like that.  Then I took the easy path back out of the woods, while he went back down the slope to grab the car.  Some guys saw us go into the woods together, and Dennis said they sure were watching him come out alone, and they kept looking back toward the woods.  I bet they now have a story to tell.  They never saw him pick me up on top, lol.

a street scene
12. A street scene
Well, this is as close as I could get. At the annual Golf Spectacular, with over 200 golfers,  it’s such a chaotic mess as everyone races to their tees.  Here a few of them are, waiting to be released.

13. Signage
Had never seen one of these signs before.  And, uh, I think spring is over.

summer activity
14. A summer activity
We didn’t get our canoe out at all last summer, but I’m happy to say we’ve had it out twice so far this year.

a summer treat
15. A summer treat
YUMMY! Need I say more?

16. Earth
How about half? This is a satellite/clock, representing our geocaching craziness.

air wind
17. Air/wind
I think you can see how windy it was by how the flags were whipping about.

18. Fire
I waited for the last minute to get this shot. So here I was grabbing a mirror, candle and the camera (no tripod - I’m stubborn like that) at 8pm last night and shooting my last photo. Oh well, I kinda like it.

19. Water
Raindrops are falling on my head.

something vintage
20. Something Vintage
A Grotto that we recently discovered.

21. Something made of glass
Sea glass (mermaid’s tears, beach glass, lucky tears) found on our travels. While it isn’t technically made into anything yet, it will be made into jewelry or used on cards. And it used to be bottles and other items.

something made of wood
22. Something made of wood
Anyone know what this instrument is?

something that floats
23. Something that floats
I’m sure Mary hopes the kayak continues to float. I know she was pretty nervous about her first trip out.

something railroad related
24. Something railroad related
Kayla and I got left behind. Dennis crossed the bridge with her parents for some photos. Kayla and I waited, somewhat patiently.

something round
25. Something Round
Can‘t think of what this is called - my brain is tired - so, huge dandelion puffball.

And now, it's well after midnight and I think it's time for sleep.  See you all tomorrow.  Did you have a favorite?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ribbit Macro Monday

Macro Monday is easy to play, snap a macro (or any close-up) photo, post it on your blog and come back here and sign Mr Linky. Don't forget to visit each other. :)



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stephen King House


The first stop we made when we got Bangor, Maine was to drive by Stephen King’s house. I’m not a stalker so these shots were taken out my window of the van. Snap, snap, snap then we were gone like a flash.


Oh I would have loved to get out and get some close-ups of this magnificent fence and gates!


A little bat adorns each gate post.  By the way the house is even bigger than it looks!  I saw an aerial view and the house goes back a loooong way.


A little sun flare for effect. Can you see the spiders on each gate? I think, the room upstairs with the light on is Tabitha’s office. I could be wrong though. I know Stephen King’s uses the back part of the house. And he has an office elsewhere in town. It’s not hard to found out where all this is but I’m not going to post addresses here.


I was excited to find out that the Bangor Chamber of Commerce does tours of many of the places King has used as inspiration for his novels. Like the standpipe (It) and the cemetery (Pet Semetary), etc. But I was saddened to find they are only offered once a month June-August, and as you know we were there in May.


On our way back through Bangor a few days later I snapped a couple more photos. We had stopped at Beck’s Bookstore, where I purchase a t-shirt and license plate cover (My other car is Christine). We also bought a piece signed by the artist of the Green Mile. I already have a couple of King autographs.


This house sets on the other side of the King driveway and I had noticed they seemed to have the same fence. The guy at the bookstore told us that the King’s had purchased it a couple of years ago and have already spent over $3,000,000 renovating it. They hope to use it as an office. PS - The house two doors down from them is for sale - wouldn’t that be cool?!

I also found out while there that they are very active in their community and donate much money to children’s camps and such. Really great people!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Various finds during low tide


Pigeons seemed to love the dock in Bar Harbor. This one wanted to eat my camera I think.


Check out the inside of this sea urchin.


I have no idea what kind of worm(?) this is. Do you?


I’m sure it lives in the water and must have got stranded when the tide went out.


There are all kinds of things to find when the tide goes out!

Camera Critters 1st Anniversary

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Great North Woods


Right after we crossed into New Hampshire we found this fun sign, a pose was necessary. How do I look as a moose?

Other than stopping for a few caches we only made one other stop in New Hampshire and it was to have lunch. That didn’t work out so well. We stopped at the Waterwheel Breakfast & Gift House in Jefferson, along US-2. We stood by the door and the “Please wait to be seated” sign for nearly 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged us. Once we were seated the waitress took our order fairly quickly. I decided to shop the gift store while we waited for our food and while my purchases were being rung up the owner of the joint started yelling at his waitresses. Now they were in the kitchen but his voice carried throughout the place. He was yelling because they were bringing him orders and more orders and it was 1:45 - the place was due to close in 15 minutes. He said he was the owner and he would just throw everyone out. He droned on, rather loudly, for a good 5 minutes (felt like longer). Some people came in and they were turned away. We decided to leave without eating. 45 minutes wasted! Needless to say New Hampshire left us with a sour taste.


Even with stopping for a couple of caches in New Hampshire we were through the state in less than an hour driving time. Like Vermont, it’s a little state. Then we were in Maine! Woo-hoo!


We stopped for a cache and found this cute little wayside.


Picnic time.

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