Sunday, August 25, 2013

Potatoes - something to think about

We recently read that if you only can afford to buy one organic food it should be potatoes because they are a root vegetable and roots are where the pesticides go. As if fertilizers and pesticides aren't enough, see that field of dead plants?  

Those are potatoes. Around here, they kill the plants so that all of the energy is put into creating the potatoes. Where does that poison go?  Do they do this to organic potatoes too?

Also, McCain's is nearby. This is their big time of year for potatoes. You will find those potatoes in Perkins, McDonald's and I think Burger King. 

Something to think about. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I love my Jeep!

After above, before below.
This is before we did anything to her, right after we got her.
Getting the Jeep where we want her.  Her butt looks better, she had some rust and husband was able to sand her down and repaint it - looks SO much better.  She got a new back bumper, curved license plate holder and rock guards on the lights.

Her nose is looking pretty darn good too.  We replaced the front bumper last fall and added the winch.  Now we (husband really, lol) added the rock guards to the parking lights and headlights, along with the black rings.  We still need to get the side lights rock guards on, and we're thinking of adding the black in the grill.
The Prius C was getting jealous so had to add her in a shot, lol.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Running Tutu

Working on my running tutu for Dirty Girl this weekend.  Hoping it survives to be used at Tough Mudder too.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Linen Scarf

This photo was the scarf a week or two ago - time is tuning together, just not sure when it was, lol. 
This one was taken tonight. I am loving it!  But it takes so long to make I would charge a fortune to make them. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

My little Fibi

Came across these old pictures of Fibi. I think the one she's 6-7 months old and the other she's about a year. Loved her with long hair. 

My Scion Xa

Ran across photos of my first brand new car. June 2004, a black Scion Xa. Loved it. :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Need a stress test?

our house on the left

If you want a stress test, have the county come and mess up your road for a few months - completely tear it out and rebuild it someday.  As if being woken by the beep beep beep of backing up equipment every single morning around 6:15sam wasn't enough, you get to enjoy wondering if you will be able to leave your driveway today, then if you'll make it back in once you return home - every single day.  Most days you'll have huge worker trucks blocking your access to your own driveway.   You get dirty looks from them each time you need to get through to YOUR house.

You have the thuds of them trying to break up rocks, you have workers walking right outside your open windows trying to survey things - possibly getting a peek of your jammies.  You have guys taking their breaks in your yard - loudly and yelling to each other throughout the day without concern of you.   AND to top the cake, that thing that flattens the road - if you weren't aware - it vibrates - and it vibrates everything inside your house and inside your body for hours at a time (think earthquake-like, and just ask my kids, I am not good with repetitive noises) - it really wears on the nerves.  And they do this every single day for months and months for 12 hours each day. :(

Oh, AND, rain, sleet, hail, snow may not keep the postman away but road construction does.  Each day you never know if the mailman will come past the barricades  to deliver your mail.  While he may not come for a week at a time, every other Tom, Dick and Harry WILL drive past those barricades - guaranteed.

Mud Run Preparations

When we got to mud runs like Warrior Dash, Dirty Girl or Tough Mudder I not only pack a clean set of clothes and shoes.  I also pack a trash bag for the muddy clothes and shoes and a bunch of towels.  A more recent addition to my supplies are some pieces of torn up towels to use as washcloths and tap water toted in old laundry soap containers.  It's so difficult to get to the showers provided at these runs that I find it easier to clean up at the car.  Oh, and tip for clothes, I have a simple sundress I throw on to cover me while cleaning up and changing into other things.

If you've done mud runs what tips do you have for me? :)