Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Gold Tomatoes


Not long ago, I got a fun box in the mail. When I opened it up I found Gold! Red Gold Tomatoes ~ Yum!!  I love their mission, “To produce the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world.” - sounds good to me!  Let's give them a whirl.


I eagerly found a recipe in the book, opened up a can of 'maters and set to work. I hadn't ever used Red Gold Tomatoes before so I opened up a can of my typical brand to compare. They look pretty much the same and the flavor was pretty close but the Red Gold can had firmer tomatoes, less mushy.


I made the Cheeseburger Macaroni dish (since I didn't have a can of stewed, I used the can of diced) from page 52, living in Wisconsin I knew anything with cheese would be a hit with my boys. We all loved it, very simple, easy clean up, and I not only used the lean ground beef I used wheat noodles to make it even a bit more healthy.


A few days later, we decided to check out the ketchups - my husband loved the jalapeno ketchup - he said he could taste the flavor of the jalapeno but it didn't drown the tomato taste.  He was pleased.  I love the standard ketchup (I'm not a jalapeno girl), it was thick and tasted very tomatoey - NICE!  We've found a not-so-bad-for-us hotdog that's pretty tasty too - Hebrew National has a fat free version that only has 40 calories per dog - pretty impressive if you've ever checked the calorie content of one - if you pair it with a low cal slice of bread and mustard and ketchup you can have a hot dog for about 90 calories - great for summertime cookouts.


Yesterday we took what was left of the cheese and mixed it with one of the cans diced tomatoes and green chilies and started dipping.  I wouldn't mind getting a box like this in the mail every month!
Red Gold has been producing premium quality tomato products since 1942 and Red Gold’s Tomatoes are processed from vine to can within 24hours from their Indiana, Ohio and Michigan farm fields.

We are trying to eat healthier and the more I read about the company, the more I am impressed. Wish the billboard was still up in Memphis I would stop by on our way through and check out those huge 3D cans "big enough to hold 1,500 racks of Memphis ribs".


  1. luxury to get a packet like that :-)
    You made some tastylooking dishes of it so you really tried them out fast

  2. That looks so yummy!
    Lucky you!

  3. Thanks Lisa. Now I am hungry! I love cheeseburger macaroni!! What a great present in the mail!!

  4. you just made me hunbgry with these images...i have to go and prepare for lunch now..yummy foods here! lol! thanks Lisa!

  5. I love the Red Gold brand. I'll have to check out your recipe link, it looks yummy!

  6. I will have to try the jalapeno ketchup. That sounds great.

  7. All of this food is making me hungry!!!

  8. I'm reading this at bedtime and now I want a snack, darn it!