Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playing with the grandkids


Typically when I play with the grandkids I leave the camera alone, but yesterday morning as we played with the bubbles from the dishwater, I couldn't resist grabbing the camera for a bubble on the end of Tristan's finger shot. Not quite what I was looking for but I gave up, lol.


Turns out Tristan has found his love for pictures once again. Here, he is flinging bubbles up into the air and letting them rain down on his sister.


Adrianna loved it! Much laughter and bubble popping ensued.


They are both babbling up a storm now. Tristan talks in long sentences and his take on life often makes me smile. Adrianna holds her own, when I take her binky out of her mouth and hide it I can understand most of what she says. She calls me gamma (grandma) but Tristan constantly corrects her that I'm MeMaw - it'll be interesting to see where this ends up.


When Addy sees a camera she puts up one hand and says "cheese" lol. Immediately, after I snap she wants to see herself on the back of the camera. Then she's ready for more pictures.


I tried to get a macro of her eye, but she kept popping around my lens and saying "Boo!" so that didn't work out, lol.


This is Addy's I-can't-believe-you-just-did-that-to-me look. I was trying to get her to back away from the camera so I could get more than half her head in the shot.


Holy crap! They both got still for a moment! You could hold your breath for the length of the quiet and still have enough air to blow up a balloon. Energy!


This is Tristan's get-off-the-stepladder-memaw look. He even pointed down for me too, lol.


He has such a good heart! He is a kissing the bandaid Addy and I placed on the baby doll's head last week, on her owie. The baby is wearing the duckie jammies Tristan wore as a baby. Memories. He will be four years old in February, I can't believe how fast time flies!


The only successful eye macro of the day, the baby doll.


  1. I love it...........I love the captures...everyday and life with babes. You da bomb...............inspired always! TJ

  2. Addy´s eyes are stunning! I think you captured them well! Loved seeing your grand kids!

  3. They are gorgeous! Mine are not this cooperative when I drag out the camera.

  4. Such precious moments....they are adorable. Beautiful eyes! I will be taking lots of pics this weekend...the two youngest grans are spending the nite!

  5. These are awesome Lisa! What treasures!!

  6. How lucky you are to have such beautiful kiddos for grandkids! xoxo They are adorable.

  7. You lucky thing!
    Having such wonderfully lively and intelligent playmates.

  8. wonderful photos of the playful kids, She has the most wonderful, sparkling eyes!

  9. What an awesome day and what gorgeous pictures...looks like a photo shoot! I love all those happy smiles...I am sure it is because they love their grandma so much! :)

  10. So sweet they are. And I think you've been able to catch a bit of their energy. Lovely

  11. don't you just love grandma time? lovely pictures.

  12. What a fun day ...and you managed to get it captued in such a nice way. Kudos!

  13. When it comes to kids, there is no such thing as too many photos!
    Wonderful shots.

  14. Looks like such fun ... they're so beautiful! I was thinking that I really loved the black & white shots, then the color photo of Addy's amazing blue eyes rolled up the screen and took my breath away.

  15. Precious! It was fun to see you "playing" with your grandbabies! Love the bubbles shots, all of them!

  16. They are sooooooo cute. But I'm concerned ... should there be bubbles coming out of the dishwasher????