Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pizza Dough Recipe (by demand) :0)

The Pizza Dough recipe I use in my bread maker is a 2 lb dough which makes 2 thick or 4 thin crusts. We typically make 3 with it but according to size of pizza you're making you can even make 5. We have frozen it and had good luck with it still however it takes SO long to thaw and rise it's much quicker to just make fresh dough. You can half everything for a 1 lb dough if you need less. I place everything in my maker in the order I am listing - you should follow the instructions with your maker I imagine.

1 2/3 c Water (80F/27C) (I don't actually take it's temperature, I just feel it and make sure it's cooler than me but not ice cold)

2 T Oil

2 T Sugar

2 t Salt

2 T Dry Milk

4 1/2 c Bread Flour

2 t Active dry yeast

I have a pizza dough setting on my maker and it does the following

3 min knead

22 min knead

30 min rise

If you're using the stones, we set the oven on 550 and cook about 15 minutes, but you can do it on sheets at 425 for about 20 minutes.


  1. Something to consider when you are allowing the dough to rise. Natural stone countertops (granite, etc) will suck the heat of the dough and prevent it from rising. Be sure to put a magazine or something between the bowl and the countertop to prevent the escape of the hear. DAMHIK.

  2. And now I need a bread maker! Looks like a fabulous recipe.

  3. This must be a sign - I've been thinking of getting a bread machine and got excited when I read that you can also make pizza dough in one, now I'm convinced that I need one!

  4. I hoped you'd share that one too! I'm getting the bread maker out right now.

  5. I may try making this once I get a bread maker.

  6. We love making homemade pizza. We do it without a bread maker though. We just use the Kitchenaid to kneed it. I love homemade. There is nothing better!!

  7. Yes! Thank You! Your crust looked way better than mine does.

  8. Looks great..... Think I have to put it on our menu here for the weekend ;) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. My youngest daughter borrowed my breadmaker a few years ago. I have a feeling that means it's not coming back to my house so will be sure to give her this recipe.

  10. Thank you for posting the recipe. I have my mother in laws bread machine, but do not have the recipe. I am setting up right now to make the pizza dough now. I will let you know how it turns out, but I have a feeling it will go well.