Sunday, January 16, 2011

breaking free


The weeds want to keep me trapped and immobile, the less I struggle the more they twine around me.   But I have kept up the maintenance, with my mechanics help, I will break free!

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We came upon a piece of land with ruins of a house and many other buildings. Right next to the house was this wonderful old Farmall tractor. I'm amazed at how the tires are not flat and the headlights are whole. Looks like it could take off anytime it wanted too.



  1. Oh, I love it. Old farm machinery is the best!!

  2. Great pictures, beautiful tractor and I love your analogy of keeping up your maintenance with your doctor's/mechanic's help!

  3. I love, love, love this old tractor. I bet it still runs!

  4. I love that last one - partial shots can often be more interesting than full ones and the juxtaposition (wow!!) of the machinery with the delicate sunlit twigs is amazing.

  5. I am loving that tractor shot covered in snow and embraced by the goes so nicely w/ how you feel!