Monday, August 23, 2010

You might as well laugh too


The last two days have not been good to us, where keys are concerned.

Sunday we had some errands to run, working on the Fiat and picking up some parts for it, and shopping for our upcoming trip*. When we got home from the errands we wanted to pull the fiat back into the garage, we had left it in the drive way, but we could not find the keys. We searched the Fiat, we searched the Rav4, we searched the house, and each other. No keys.

We only have one key for the ignition, one for the trunk, and sharing the ring is the spare to Haden's car. It's vitally important we not lose them, to get copies made we have to order blanks off the internet and pray someone can cut them. OR, we can buy a new ignition and keys for a couple hundred. We plan on trying to get copies but haven't yet.

I have been lectured (love you, hon!) about the importance of keeping track of the tiny keys. Because of said lecture I attached the key ring to the point and shoot camera. Sure it's a rather large keychain, but the keys won't get lost that way. Dennis takes them off to use them and well, he put them in his pocket, with the Rav's keys, and they must have fallen out on the parking lot. Thankfully, we got them back. Equally, thankfully, it was not me who lost them! lol

Now it might make sense that the Fiat keys aren't on Dennis' key ring, nor mine, they stay on a hook in the house. But, Dennis keeps all his keys on one ring and he has many keys. I only carry the key to the Rav4 on my keyring. I don't have a house key, I just use the remote to the garage door and come in that way. I have a spare key to his van, but I don't carry it. I leave it in the Rav, lol.

Last night, the spare van key took a ride in the washing machine. Oops! I honestly can't tell you if it had been in Dennis' pants pocket or in mine, I don't remember who had the key last. But I am the one guilty of not checking the pockets well enough before tossing things in. So far, the remote part is not working, I didn't try the ignition. Hopefully it will work once it dries out. I have washed a thumb drive and a CF card before and both still work.

*Oh, did I tell you we're going to Glacier National Park? We leave in about 10 days. Fun! Camping and hiking and such, maybe I'll have cell reception, maybe I won't, I won't have internet for most of the time but I am getting posts queued up. I will be sending a photo or something each day to facebook, as reception allows (if we're not friends there please add me, there's a link at the bottom of the page)


  1. Hehehe ! I love key stories, that makes me feel "normal" because I am in a constant key war ! and washing keys has happened to me too. I put them always on the same place, unfortunately the place changes all the time !

  2. LOL I guess many of us experienced the same. My daugther fell in the water with my key and as it's electronic I was a bit worried but it woeked alright after drying. I have washed bustickets (a whole month worth) and they totallly lost color but the magnetic strap worked so I just payed a small amount to get a new one made :-)

    Interesting journey! Hope you will have lots of fun and great sights and that the weathergods will be nice ;-)

  3. sounds like my kind of day everyday. I have finally stuck with my SO's advice and it's so great now.

  4. Key stress is awful! I'm sure I have a "lost key" story or two... like the time we literally kicked the front door in at 1am. Yeah that was fun.

    On other topics... Glacier NP!! I just spent an hour or two researching the place and trying to figure out what to do and where to go when we get there next summer. I know I'm planning pretty far in advance, but I love to travel plan. I can't wait to hear about your trip. I'm sure it will help me figure out my own.


    Can't wait to see the awesome pics!!!

  6. I am laughing...but not at you....we did the same thing here at my house (and the keys did not work, unfortunately...the hubby accused me of boiling them LOL)

    Have fun at the park...never have been there so looking forward to my mini virtual vacation!

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who leaves stuff in ockets to be washed. LOL

    I have been to Glacier National Park...many years go. You are going to LOVE it. :)

  8. That was indeed funny!

    You're going to one of my top ten desired destinations! I'll get there one day. But I can't wait to see it through your eyes!

  9. Lost keys are awful ... so glad you found them! You are going to have such a wonderful vacation. Lots of good photo ops!!!!

  10. The curse of keys! You had me laughing because I have been there, too!

  11. Ah, what good are keys if you can't LOSE 'em on occasion? LOL however... I HATE losing my keys! It happens rarely. Makes me angry! lol

    Congrats on the upcoming trip. I am excited for you... already looking forward to seeing what photos you take out there!

  12. Sweet goodness.
    One thing I love about old cars, easy keys ;)
    Hope you got it all working again in the end!
    And Jee, I envy you for the trip *sigh* :)

  13. Murphy's Laws about keys: when you find a seemingly unfamiliar and useless key, you will remember its use and importance as soon as the garbage truck takes it away ;-)