Thursday, August 19, 2010

to be a child


How I wish we could hold onto the innocence of childhood. There was never a worry, rarely a fear, and the world seemed such a bright and welcoming place! I've noticed as I grow older I am more scared to try new things, explore new things, and be daring. As a child I wouldn't hesitate to jump off that 4' retaining wall, heck I did jump off it many, many times, for no other reason than that it was fun. At 40-something, I would be scared to jump. I would instead look for the way around it, for the reason of being safe. Maybe somedays, I should just jump, because it's fun!

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  1. At nine I had the perpetually scabbed or bleeding knees to show it.....
    Now? A measly 4 feet? My legs alone are that long, so I just sit down on the edge and stand up.

    BTW, you had an exceptionally lucky childhood. Mine was full of worry, deep fear, danger and downright Angst. I am so glad to be out of it. Good excuse for having a second childhood now, or so I tell myself:-)

  2. I wouldn't do childhood over again for nothin' because that would mean having to do adolescence over again. And I ain't going back there for nobody or nothing. All that aside, I'm enjoying a "second adolescence" now at 50 that has all the benefits of the wisdom of experience.

    Much better the second time around.

    Oh, and I managed to tear the ligaments in both ankles multiple times jumping off stuff when I was a kid. I think I could do without that too.

  3. Lisa, these thoughts are my own...nearly every day, as I watch my boys care-free, jumping and laughing through life. I remember myself as a child and the things that I felt. I think that responsibility can drown out our ability to feel the freedom to truly live as we were made to live and that we need to stop, breathe deeply, laugh heartily and learn once again how to think as a child.

  4. Dear God, don't jump! I would go around that retaining wall. Nobody needs to wear one of those funky shoes for a sprained or broken foot. =)