Friday, August 20, 2010

Everyday Life ~ Signs


Stevens Point Brewery is big around here. I have to admit I've never tried it, I'm not a beer drinker, just don't like it. I've also never been inside, lol. Point beer is sold all over the state.


I have been wanting to share more about the area I live in for a while now. I've been wanting to participate in the Everyday Life Around the World meme for several weeks. Finally I got my ducks together, seems this may be the best way for me to share my neighborhood.

When I read the theme was signs I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I laugh at the beer bottles crossing sign every time I pass it. I think it's rather unique and I imagine the sign is there because they offer tours and the parking lot is across the street. I live in Wisconsin, beer is a way of life, lol.


On my way back home I was surprised to find so many fallen leaves. It's only August! Shouldn't be fall already. :(



  1. beer is not my cup of tea either but the advertising is fun. The surrond photos look more like spetmber- october to me but then - it's soon september and summer will definitely be over

  2. Funny signs.
    I'm kind of ready for fall, but we're still doing 90 degree temps in VA. :(

  3. Those signs are hilarious....and I hate to tell you, you are definitately looking like Fall (that is my favorite season)! It is still humid and hot here in Nebraska...but Fall is around the corner!

  4. The Beer Crossing sign is priceless! Congrats on sharing!

  5. Hah! The original Conehead! How cool...

    I thought they were from France...

  6. I am not a beer drinker either. Don't even like the smell. I do love that beer crossing sign, too. And that is a lot of fallen leaves already!!!