Tuesday, August 3, 2010

splash of color


When I think of moths, I think of dull and drab, things to be overlooked, not noticed. But, this fellow was waiting for me when I walked into the kitchen, just chillin' on my dish towel. When I noticed his flash of orange, nearly the same color as my towel, I had to run to get the camera. Unfortunately, as I moved the towel, trying to find a better angle, he tucked his beautiful brightness away.  I would like to think that we all have flashes of orange hidden inside, ready to share on a whim.

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I have been seeing a LOT of orange lately, we even ended up painting the Fiat orange, I'm wondering if there's some message I'm just not getting. . .


  1. Beautiful. We all have brightness hid within us. And we, like the moth, can show it when we want to and hide it when we want to.

  2. maybe he thought it was his mama.

  3. Having the orange just peeking out could be symbolic I suppose. But the photo is beautiful regardless.

  4. Talk about color coordination, this guy has real talent! Very cool find...love this!

  5. what a beautiful post.
    love the words you put together for it.

    ha...this guy must have thought he was camouflaging, eh?

    i love moths.
    definitely one of my favorites in the insect arena.
    they are so surprisingly beautiful.

  6. WoW! That is amazing how it matches the towel!!!

  7. a perfect match and it still shows some of it's brighter sides.
    I showed one recently but that is more like a monster :-)

  8. I wonder if he was drawn to your towel because it reminded him of someone. I had no idea moths had that kind of color on them!