Monday, August 30, 2010



I am the juicy grape struggling to come to my full potential while the twisting vine of cancer struggles to confine and snuff out.  I'm so very thankful for the pruners of this world coming to my aid!

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The chaos of life has been giving me problems with this project, but I'm still trying to dig deep and get these emotions out.  Occasionally I catch myself barely tapping the surface and I know that's not what this is about and I struggle to go deeper and rip out the root of all the ills that cancer brought to my soul.  Thank you for your words of encouragement, they mean the world to me!

PS - I am currently limited to only using my macro lens.  I hurt myself and cannot tolerate the 8lbs of camera and 400mm lens right now.  I feel like my arm has been cut off. :(  If you remember me telling you about my missing rib, and showing it to you, if not click here to get the full story, that's the area of my chest currently give me some pain.  I'm thinking maybe it's just a pulled muscle from lugging the big camera around so much lately.  Hoping it will work itself out.  Either way, when we come back form vacation it's time to see the oncologist and get scanned so we'll find out I'm sure.


  1. This piece is so reflective of where you are right now...and so beautiful. As always, you are in my T&P.

  2. Hope taking this photo turned into a bit of a catharsis.
    Disease is so often a double whammy: mental as well as physical.
    Keep on hanging in there. So many people on your side.
    And forget about the heavy gear for a while.

  3. Perfect shot for the Intro words.
    'Barely scratching the surface' - sounds familiar. Digging too deep is something I avoid most times too, even without cancer :/

    Hope your pain goes away by itself. Soon! Hope the vacation will help :)
    Yesterday morning I went to the beach without my camera.
    I had cleaned the camera strap and was too stupid to put it back on without help from the holy Internets.
    It felt like I left my head at home. Thank goodness I didn't see no great birds :D

  4. This photo certainly gets your point across. We love your macro work, but hopefully you will feel better sooner than later and get back in the saddle again!

  5. I love these posts. I hope you continue and I really really hope all will be well with you! Feel better soon!

  6. Macros are my favorites. This photo truly captures how you must be feeling now. Take it easy and enjoy your vacation. I have personally discovered that there is a price to pay with sore muscles and pains for getting that "perfect shot!" I will be praying for you and for your continued healing.

  7. I love this shot of the grape squeezing itself out of that twisted mess will do the same! Hope you are feeling better and that you enjoy your vacation...hopefully you are going somewhere FUN!

  8. Okay first off, this reminds me of that "Crushing your head" sketch from The Kids in the Hall. Second it's a kick-butt macro and since I never tire of your macros, the news that you're limited to them for a while is less than distressing. Except that third: I hate the reason you're limited to only using the macro.

    And fourth... did you say 400mm lens? Holy ... that's a lotta cake if you're talking about the f/2.8L version. Lotta weight too. No wonder you hurt yourself!

  9. A very apt photo to go with your poignant post. Cameras are heavy and cumbersome things, especially when carried for extended periods.
    Have fun on your holiday and above all, relax. Wishing you all the best.

  10. {{Lisa}} My goodness, woman, you have been through SO much!! I just read the history of your rib. I do hope that you can rest and enjoy your vacation time...without worry, without anxiety. About the photo - this is such a wonderful shot to capture. Macro is my favorite anyway - detail speaks volumes, for me. This is so beautiful.

    {{gentle hug}}

  11. Yikes ... sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Hope it feels better soon.

  12. i'm sorry you've hurt yourself. hope you feel better soon. in the meantime, we'll all enjoy your macro work as it's great. have a wonderful day.

  13. wow - what a great shot.

    hope your arm is better soon

  14. Beautiful shot and your accompanying words are so meaningful. So sorry you hurt yourself and hope it corrects itself soon. In the meantime, lovin' the macros!