Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chemo Angel Cancer Support

Originally posted August 24, 2007
I know many of my readers have been touched by cancer and I would like to take a minute to tell you about a neat little program. If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy you can sign up to have a Chemo Angel. I had one for the last two months of chemo and really enjoyed it.

If you are healthy, never been touched by cancer, or a survivor you can be a Chemo Angel or a Card Angel. What’s the difference you ask? A Chemo Angel sends little gifts and notes to their chemo patient - words of encouragement. It will cost you slightly more than being a Card Angel. A Card Angel, does just that, sends cards and maybe an occasional little goody.

How often do I send these things? Once a week.

How long do I send them? As long as the person is undergoing treatment.

Why do I send them? To give encouragement to the person struggling with chemotherapy.

How do I know the person I am sending things to actually is undergoing chemo? Chemo Angels gets information from the person regarding who their oncologist is, what kind of cancer they have and how long treatment is predicted to continue. They verify things before assigning an Angel to the person. Chemo Angels will also contact both of you via email once a month to make sure everything is going ok. You will be notified when the person is no longer undergoing chemotherapy.

Will I hear from the person I am writing? You may, but you may not. The cancer patient may not have the energy to write you back. But they will appreciate the time you are giving them.

As a little side note, Chemo Angels also sponsors a program for Seniors to let them know they are not forgotten about. So you could do that if you prefer.

If you’re interested in any part of this please go to Chemo Angels Cancer Support Organization and check it out, maybe even sign up. It’ll make your heart feel good.


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