Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Making of a tripod bag, or two (how-to)

When you put two tripods together they clank. I’m talking about during the transport time, not during use. Although, I suppose if we get too close to each other we could make them clank. Anyway, I decided to use a couple of pair of pants to make some tripod bags.


First I cut, well I cut the crotch seam, to separate the legs.


Then I cut the inside seam from the ankle to the crotch. I laid the tripod on it to check of length and on the beige pair I took the hem out. I was starting to get concerned that the area where the pocket had been might get in the way. But it worked out great. I’ll show you here in a sec.


I used an overlock stitch to make the seam for the bottom and side of the bag.


After I used the overlock stitch to make sure the top doesn’t fray, I folded the top down, stitched and made the pocket for the cording. Now this is where the old pocket came in handy, it was finished really neat and I used it for my opening for the cording.


Voila! Tripod bag almost complete.


Now, I did things only slightly different on the brown bag. I left the pants hemmed, that hem made a pocket and I was able to slide the cording through it. Two bags almost done.


Tape quickly solved any issue of getting the cording through the cord stop. And a few seconds later I have two completed bags. Sure, they are not fancy and beautiful, but they are extremely easy to make, serve their purpose and gave a doomed pair of pants a new life. What I liked most about it was that if I messed up I still had another leg I could try again.

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