Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chaotic Colorful C


You probably thought I’d show you some Crayola Crayons,


Or Colorful Candy or Confections,

cracker barrel sign

Or even a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

church CD

Maybe you thought I’d show a Church or a CD,

colorado catalog

Or a Colorado Catalog,


Or even a Casino. (If I had waited a couple of seconds the lower portions said “Craps”.)

corn rows

But instead I wanted to share with you Charlie the Constipated Cow and his Cornrows.

corn rows

Charlie used the Crème de la Crème to make Cream style Corn.

letter C

Charlie’s Captive friends, Callie the Communicative Collie, Carina the Conscience Cat, Charlotte the Complex Chicken and Capri the Cranky Cub lived as a Commune in a Crumbling Cracker Castle.


Capri was Constantly Complaining.

letter C

So Charlie Crushed a Column so they could escape.


As they Cavorted a Cross-eyed Cobra Crept into the Clearing.

critter conga

Soon, they were doing the Complicated Conga. But poor Charlotte was so Creeped out that she Crapped.


The Cobra Casually Consumed each Chunk.

cow crossing

Caution: Cattle Crossing!

Letter C

Carl the Creative Cockatoo was busy using Cookie Cutters to make Costly Cookies on a Coaster. Cautiously, Colton the Catapulting Colt, came out of his Collapsible Coach Container Cave. He wanted some Chocolate Coffee, Combined with Coke, in a Cup.

Cockatoo cell coach canon

Carl Called a Crazy Creature Celebrity on the Cell phone. (all photos taken with a Canon Camera and loaded onto a Computer)

C cactus croc crock cheese

Clarence the Crocodile was happy his Chemo was over and he could leave his Crock and enjoy his Cheese by the Crowned Cactus.


Chubby Cows Craving Cranberries.

Old photos for “C”

red car

Christmas Ornament


Child in a Cemetery

tristan FTF

Caching (and Compass and wooden Coin)


Chicago or City

As you can see, I had a lot of fun with "C", if you are interested in joining in our A-Z photo challenge pop over and say, "Hey!" to Martha.

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