Friday, July 30, 2010



This is pretty much how I've been feeling lately. Bristley and poked. The mosquitos are horrible and they have drained my very last nerve. Tired of being bitten day in and day out. I am not a smorgasbord!  I wonder, can mosquitos get cancer?

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  1. I hate hate mosquitos too and they LOVE LOVE ME! I´m so enjoying this cold weather here, because that means no mosquitos. Aaaaaaaah!

  2. That is an interesting thought. And God hope so... little buggers. They have been bad this year.

    Great thistle shot!

  3. This is just ... surreal! I love it!

  4. Gorgeous. I agree, mosquitos are the worst. Followed only by flies.

  5. Everyone in our family sits by me outside because I am the mosquito buffet and they tend to leave everyone else alone. Don't know what it is they like about me but I certainly pay for it in itchy bumps. That thistle is gorgeous!