Thursday, July 15, 2010

Florida Keys

PS/Update - I do realize the horizons are not straight, and I know I could fix them, I could have taken them straight to begin with, but we were on bridges and that's how they looked to me and I like them that way, lol


I have so many photos from vacation that I still haven't shared. So, way back in February, after camping in the swamp for a couple of nights we headed down to the Keys. I had never seen water this color!


So, while Dennis manned the wheel, I poked buttons on the camera, zipping very quickly over bridge, after bridge, until we made it to Key West.



I wouldn't mind living right there!


The water around the islands is fairly shallow and there are no good swimming beaches, to speak of, we were told that's because of the reef. We found a few spots to peek into the water, and wade a bit.


We were supposed to go out parasailing and snorkeling but the winds kept the boats docked. :(


We really enjoyed our time in the Keys, but honestly wouldn't go back. It's just not really our scene, we were happier back up on beaches we could enjoy.



But I loved the color of the water!


See, bridge after bridge after bridge, kinda scary.


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  1. that water looks soooooooo pretty & beautiful & fun!!! I think I hear it calling for me!!!

  2. The Keys!!! One of my MOST Favorite Places on Earth! It was THE most favorite ... until we saw Bermuda!! The color of the water is similar though!! Isn't it just the B L U E S T??? Love it! I adore these pics. It makes me want to get on a plane and go. But we will wait...we learned it is best to go between November and April!! May gets WAY toooooo humid!!

  3. LOVE that blue color. I´ve never seen it in real life, but would love to some day.

  4. Key West itself is not my kind of place, but there were a few nice swimming beaches on another key that we really enjoyed. The water is amazing!

  5. I went to Key west for my spring break when I was in college...eons and eons ago! :) How I would love to go reminded me how beautiful the water and area was! Gorgeous!!!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful. The color of the water is very nice. You only have to make a straigth horizon and then they are more beautiful!. You can do that with Photoshop.

  7. Really cool! I would LOVE to visit but those bridges might scare me a bit :)

  8. Did you read the history of those bridges...scary stuff. During a hurricaine. I agree the blue water is awesome...I love Key West...its such an ecclectic town. Did you get to go to the Sunset celebration on Mallory square...they have it everyday. The most beautiful Sunsets you ever want to see! Great photos Lisa.

  9. that water is amazing, but no swimming? that just seems like a downer! great pics!

  10. great series of pics. the water looks absolutely clean and beautiful. glad you had a blast.

  11. What a beautiful area! I grew up in Florida but never managed to get down to the Keys. (I was in the pandhandle.) I'll wouldn't mind living in that house, too... except during a hurricane! :D

  12. Yup, something that most people don't realize is that there are NO natural sandy beaches in South Florida...Miami Beach? Man-made. What you saw is the "real" Florida...the best way to enjoy the Keys is to snorkel or kayak out a bit. The water is crystal clear and so beautiful. Last time I went kayaking in the Keys, we snuck right up on a big old sea turtle - awesome! I could live in the Keys and be quite happy!

  13. That is gorgeous water!!! I want to dive right in!

  14. That's a wonderful series of shots, but I especially like the peaceful feeling of the one with the pair of seagulls floating over the water. Nicely done! And I like your slanted horizons ... makes me pay more attention to the individual details.