Friday, September 19, 2008

The Nuisance Twins

evening visitors

This photo is over a year old but here you see my favorite squirrel. We have a couple of different ones that come into our yard but she, lady with fuzzy ears, is my favorite and I really don’t mind too much when she steals some seed.


This spring she had twins. They’re a lot of fun to watch running and scampering and playing with each other. But getting both of them in one shot proved difficult.



I think they are as curious about me as I am about them.



And this stupid chipmunk, yeah, I got a little fed up with chipmunks this summer. They kept stealing our tomatoes off the vine so we finally bought a live trap (placed it between the tomato plants) and relocated some of them. I don’t think they have large territories so I really think the ones we have moved out have stayed out but we still have plenty. The first day the trap was out we caught eight of them, and each day after that at least two a day, every single day for a month and we still have plenty! We have a highway very near our house so we put them on the other side of the highway hoping that would keep them away.

Anyway, this stupid chipmunk wanted to play with the squirrels but they were having none of that.


A part of me wishes I was this limber, but then again I don’t think I would like scratching my butt with my mouth.




Hiding in the bush waiting for me to leave so it can get some more birdseed.



They’re everywhere! It’s a love/hate relationship!

Too bad the babies can’t have their mama’s furry beige ears.


  1. The first photo and the one with the squirrel lying on top of the bird box are worthy of publication! Wonderful shots!! I have no doubt but that someday you'll capture the twins together...perhaps mama too...

  2. So cute! I used to have lots of trouble with squirrels back at my old house in the neighborhood. Here, in the woods and cornfields, I don't have much problem at all. Seems backwards, doesn't it?

  3. I am always so amazed at how close and clear your shots are! I wish I knew how to use a fancy camera and equipment! Maybe someday.......

  4. Got squirrels? Hell yeah! Wonderful set of images! So well done!
    Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Klaus

  5. These are awesome shots of the squirrels. The closeups of their cute little faces are precious --- they can look curious and impish at the same time. I love the white fuzz on mommy squirrel; in that last shot she looks kind of like a koala. Thanks for using live traps to move the chipmunk, too.

  6. How adorable! M favorite is the second to last photo! He looks like he's about ready to make a mad dash to the nut store! Great photos!

  7. Lisa, great post. Most people are livid when squirrel's steal birdseed. Good for you.

  8. I love squirrels. My husband loves to eat them but I'd rather watch them play. I've never seen a chipmunk in the wild but I've heard they can really be a pain. The next to last shot is amazing!

  9. Reading about ‘the nuisance twins’ and seeing these photos almost makes me wish I lived ‘in the woods’ somewhere … almost ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Cute...Now, having studied them so closely for more than a year, can you answer the question all of us want to know the answer to? Where do squirrels poop?

  11. since we're getting ready to move, we're winnowing down our possessions and one thing we had was a big bag of corn. whole corn. we'd had cracked before and the animals liked it okay, but they wanted it on the ear a lot more. Anyway, we thought the whole corn was a good compromise. Then we finally decided to just feed it to everyone instead of saving it and moving it. Makes sense, right? only the birds dont seem to be eating it as much out of the feeder as sunflower seeds. So we took off the plastic pole that prevents the squirrels from getting it. For one thing, they will go through it faster than the birds (and that's saying something) and for another, they'll eat out the kernel in the middle and drop the rest, which the birds happily gobble up. Win win. or something. But so far? They haven't realized its down yet. Can't wait to see when they do!

  12. They may be a nuisance sometimes, but aren't they cuuuuuuuuuute??? Fantastic photos, Lisa! I love how inquisitive the squirrel looks!

  13. I LOVE this post! LOVE IT! We don't have squirrels or chipmunks here. I've never lived where I had chipmunks (but strangely my dad has them now when I visit, and I used to live there.), but I miss squirrels. Yours are so cute, and I love the fuzzy-eared mom.

    And to be that limber? Well, you could do OTHER things. It wouldn't require the things you wouldn't WANT to do! It would be fun! My daughter wishes she had "Elasti-Girl" superpowers. It would be fun!

  14. Too bad they are such a nuisance since they are so cute. The ones with them looking at the camera made me laugh!

  15. those are great Lisa..and I don't think I would want to scratch my butt with my mouth either!!

  16. [...] now big enough that I can no longer tell them from the other squirrels, but I was reminded by Lisa’s post about squirrels that I had never posted my photos. These little squirrels had so much personality, can you help me [...]

  17. I so love your critters! my fav is the one that was looking down on you!!! so so cute!!!!!!!!! We used to have a big red squirrel come here a few winters back..we called him Red we so loved to watch him!! We miss him!!
    And we have a family of little chicmunks too!! Kids think they are so funny!!

  18. Arrrgggghhhh! That's pure evil.

  19. I love the 2nd to last shot! Great pic! Looks like he is getting ready to jump down on someone's head! lol

    I had never seen a REAL LIVE chipmunk till last year in September Shad and I went to Ohio to visit his family! We went to the zoo! They were just running around all over the place! It was really cute! They move so so so so so so so so fast it's hard to catch a pic!

    We have a ton of squirrels here in Texas! We even have black squirrels up at our lake house! I will "TRY" and take a pic for you! =)