Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day with Twister


I have to admit that I was kind of nervous when Tristan came to spend the night. I know he loves being with me, but I fully expected a crying spell wanting his mama near bed time. It never happened!


We played inside, we played outside, inside and outside. He discovered not only that MeMaw had forgotten to turn the hose off but that he’s now strong enough to spray it.


Getting him to look at the camera is a real challenge since he’s grown up with a camera in his face. Haden warned that he might turn and spray the camera but luckily he hasn’t figured out how much fun that is yet. Either way, we turned the water off.


See just a trickle now.


He was looking to see where the water went when there was just enough to slam him in the face. Luckily, it just brought giggles.  Bath time over. ;)


Uncle Haden got him a piece of chalk.


Which he promptly put back up. Everything in its place, just ask my Twister.


And the lid must be put on tightly or someone’s not happy.


Doesn’t he look angelic?!


Or maybe that’s devilish? A rock in an empty water bottle makes a grand noise!


Some time on the tricycle wears a boy out.


He played in his stroller, round and round the driveway until Haden and I were dizzy.


When he got out of the stroller he felt the seat belt needed to be buckled. Everything in its place, you know?


He found my crocs and not too many photos were taken after that. Something makes me nervous about an 18 month old traipsing around on asphalt in shoes a million times to big for him.  Needless to say, I hid the crocs as soon as he left them behind.


He approves of the little raccoon charm SwampAngel (In geocaching we’re the bandits and I love the charm!) got me, he just wishes he could have taken it home.

Now, are you surprised he slept 12 hours that night?


  1. Your little Twister is growing up so fast! And lucky for you he slept 12 hours! That's the stuff dreams are made of around here... Does he have his own Crocs? If he does, I'd love to send him his own raccoon thingamajiggie!!!

  2. He is all boy - you can see it in his eyes LOL He looks like he really enjoys playing with MeMaw and it looks like you really enjoy him. He's a lucky boy!

  3. He is such a cutie!! I love his happy smile in the third picture.

  4. Cry at MeMaw's house? No way! Who's Mommy?

  5. Stephanie C ReinicheSeptember 25, 2008 at 3:08 AM

    It looks like you had so much fun! No wonder he slept for 12 hours! Grandmas are always lots of fun.

  6. wished my girls are younger! i always miss the years when my girlies are younger and were just beginning to rule the world ! great shots! love the last shot most.

  7. Wow, what a cute boy's boy! Good job wearing him out!

  8. He is so so so CUTE!!! I'm glad yall had a good day/night together!!! =) Looks like he had a BLAST!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been around...
    I've sure missed my blog buds! I'm just now getting power back from "IKE"! We were hit pretty hard here in Houston! Thank goodness our lake house is safe! Some people around us wasn't as lucky!

    Just dropping in on you! 10 Days without power! I have a TON of blog reading to catch up on!!!!

    Missed ya!

  9. Dare I say that was a PERFECT day Lisa?

  10. LOL he looks like a handful Lisa! But a fun one.

    The pictures of him with the water hose are hilarious....

  11. He's so handsome and yes, he looks angelic! I love that blond hair of his. You two must have had a wonderful day together. I am glad there was no crying and he slept so long for you! Awesome!

  12. Loved all your pics. Your Twister is adorable. Blessings from Costa Rica

  13. Beautiful photos. They each show the magic and innocence of a toddler. Love this series!

  14. Tiaras & TantrumsSeptember 25, 2008 at 5:45 PM

    Oh my - he is so stinking cute - love the new chalk - just give it a week or so!

  15. Oh Lisa! He is precious!! A little bit country and a lil bit rock and roll!!! I have those very same crocs in Pink!

  16. OOHH how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never of thought he'd cry with you around!!1
    reminds me of slick and his water episodes!!!!

  17. What wonderful, beautiful photos. Your family is so luck to have such a great photographer saving memories. The colors and lighting are perfect, and it seems you always catch the right moment.

  18. Oh he is the cutest little thing!! I just want to grab him and give him a big hug!

  19. What a QT with a BEAUTIFUL smile … and a marvelous post! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all Twister’s activities artfully captured with your camera and shared here.
    Hugs and blessings,