Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Twiggy Love Story

fun monday

Do you know that I am not romantic at all? Do you know that I will happily watch a B Thriller over a Chick Flick any day? How about that I ♥ LOVE suspense books but would never pick up a romance? Do these things help you understand how hard this week’s “Love Story” Fun Monday was for me?


Limber and graceful she clung to him.



The moment she touched his firm bark she knew that she must have him in her life for all eternity.


She tried to impress him with her twig imitation. Long and lithe, a perfect blend, she held on through the strongest winds.


When that failed to impress him,


She began to plead. She begged and she begged and told him her need. He simply hung there, with his leafy hair blowing in the breeze.



She used the only tool she had to make a permanent announcement of her love for him. Their names carved in a heart.


‘Love you ~ Rider + Merit 93’

Sorry A Monkey in the Wrong Tree, that’s as mushy as I can get. I found the carving on the birch in the Upper Whiting Park in Whiting, Wisconsin and I am curious about who Rider and Merit are, and if, 15 years later, their love is still as strong as the carving. Just one of Wisconsin’s little mysteries.


brnad new grandson (taken with a cell phone)

Colton Scott was born September 5th and weighed in at 8 lbs.

Sorry for the quality of the photo but at the moment it is the only one we have of our newest grandson.  And I thank our son, Bryan, for snapping it with his cell phone and sending it our way.  If all goes as planned we will be snapping photos of him next weekend. :)  And yes he now has a name, although they plan on calling him Cole.


  1. I loved this story. I'm not overly romantic, I just wanted something creative to do. Congratulations on the grandbaby, and thanks for participating.

  2. Lisa, Lisa, LISA! You've outdone yourself. This is the best romance EVER! When does the movie come out? And congratulations on your darling Cole!

  3. Hilarious "love story" with incredible photos. Sweet little baby!

  4. Oh congratulations LIsa! He is adorable! How does his big brother like him?
    As for your love story! Very nice! I think you did exceptionally well for someone who does not read love stories! Great touch with the photo's!

  5. First Colton is just way too precious!!! Congratulations Lisa. Smoochies to the newborn!!

    [I too truly dislike the 'fake' love stories/romance novels. Personally I can only imagine they're all the same...and I say "all" because the book stores are jammed packed with romance novels...all the same but the names are changed.] Gimme a good action movie with car chases of sci fi with gigantic ants and I'm so in!!!

    But, hey...I like your 'love' story and how you tied in the carving. Super. Way super.

    Mine's posted. Stop by if you's all about Sarah and Jake!!

  6. The bottom paragraph is all the love story you needed to write! Congratulations :0)

  7. Never ever put words to bugs mating before...very clever. And how you find these mating bugs all the time is amazing to me. What fantastic shots these are! Baby Colton is his name.

  8. What a beautiful baby boy!
    Cute story, original concept. Loved the illustrative photos.

  9. Congratulations on your grandson.
    Funny story. I like the idea of a stick bug in love with a branch.

  10. What a little cutie that Cole is ! My first weighed in at 8 pounds. Can't wait to see more pics.

    Who says you're not a romantic? The story just 'carves at my heart.' The photos, are as usual, exquisite.

  11. Don't sell yourself short, Lisa - that was terrific!

    Also, your second love story? Precious!

  12. THAT has got to be the coolest love story ever. If it were a book, I'd buy it.

    I just love stick bugs.

    bravo *round of applause*

  13. Lisa, I'm also not very romantic, and the thought of reading "bodice-rippers" is appalling. Oh, I am in love, but I don't love romance. Your story is great.
    Cole is very handsome and get lots of new photos to share.

  14. What a cute little Cole muffin! Know you can hardly wait to get to him with your own photographic supplies. Brownie points to son-in-law for his instant gratification for the Grands. Although you're not sentimental, bet you'll be able to tell a great love story after the visit.

  15. Wonderful love story! and I too wonder if Rider's love is still are strong as the mighty beech. Congrats on the newest addition to the family. What a cutie pie!

  16. Very cute story, but.....what a cute little guy that Cole is!!!!!

  17. I suppose a happy end will come and the poor tree will be covered with babies of this insect monster, lol !
    I prefer your little grandson by far !!

  18. I enjoyed the read and as always - love your photos.

    Ryder and Merit - it sounds like a weekend fling! *s*

  19. Beautiful, Lisa! You never cease to amaze me! :) Absolutely stunning photographs. You may not claim to be a romantic, but you can certainly write a Harlequin Romance! ;)

    Congrats on the arrival of the newest member of your family! He's adorable! xo

  20. Beautiful as always Lisa. I think I may have inadvertantly wished you well for a new granddaughter? Sorry Cole! You're too cute though!

  21. Ah, such a great story! Those shots are great as well. So much detail in that little twiggy bug!

    Congrats on the new grandson! He's adorable and I love the name Cole. Lovely!

  22. I loved this story! Who said love had to be about romance? Oh, and congratulations on the grandson!

  23. Lisa, your story is gorgeous and the pictures are amazing, so beautiful. As for Cole, what a cutie, congratulations. :D

  24. You did a great job Lisa...I love the creativity...I would have never guessed that you dislike romances!!

    Congrats on the new granson, he is adorable and I love his name. I can't wait to see more pics of him.

  25. WAY CONGRATS on the new little precious person!!

    Fab photos as always!

    And thanks for taking the "unusual" love story to a new level!!!

  26. Congrats, Grandma! Love the pics of the walking stick! Way cool!
    Cheers, Klaus

  27. OOHh how funny!!! You can turn a tree into a terriffic post!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the little guy oohhh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have you stopped by?

  28. Another award for you! Check my blog for details!

  29. That's as good a love story as any. I don't like just any chick flick and don't care for most romance novels. They have to be very well done and have more than just the mushy stuff.

    Colton and Cole are both great names! Congratulations once more on your new grandbaby!

  30. That is an amazingly clear carving! The ones around here are nothing like that. The last loving adventurers died out a generation ago. Great shots, Lisa!

  31. Cute story.

    Aawww what a precious little boy! I love the name. My oldest son was almost Colton. Had he been born on any other day besides the one he was, that would have been his name. But we would have called him Colt. :)


  32. That was a great love story - at least you didn't chicken out like I did... nicely done and Cole is a cutie pie! Congratulations, again!

  33. Love your story - and I remember a certain store, and a brown paper bag you carried out.

  34. great fun monday. glad the baby arrived and is well.

  35. Colton is a beautiful baby boy! Blessings to all.

    Your walking twig photos and story are wonderful. You say you aren't a romantic? Ha! I had a walking twig on my garage but the pictures are too blah, so I'm on the hunt for another one more in his own environment. They are so fascinating.

  36. "Here's looking at you, grandma"... he's saying, I think.

    (ps. The star of your opening paragraph looks like the star of "Nightmare before Christmas." hee hee)

  37. Ahh, Rissa have her baby then?

  38. YUCK!
    Those stick bugs FREAK me out!!!!!!!!!!! lol