Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramblings and Babblings


I used to have a huge desk (this photo is 4 years old). I loved that old thing, but as nice as it was to have the huge work surface, it was not so nice to move.  It was heavy!  We moved it three times but decided to sell it before the last move.  Now I use the small antique library table I showed you Monday and I absolutely love that table, but I quickly run out of room on it.  You saw it in rare form, typically I leave it neat but you caught me in the middle of creativeness and soon as the cards were done it was cleaned up again.  One weird thing I must do is straighten my work surface before each use.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in the replacement of objects to their rightful places that I never get to start on the new project because I've moved on to the kitchen cabinets, closets or the garage. . .



I can’t decide if I prefer the one with more depth of field or less? Which one do you like? I know that neither one makes you jump for joy - they don’t me, but I was just playing with settings and such and just cannot make up my mind if I like more or less in focus.

Anyway, you may have noticed that I’ve been using Thursdays as my little update time. The one day a week I set aside to talk about me and what’s going on in my life. It seems to work for me, I have tons of photos and things to show but really not that much to say so one day a week works. Don’t really know why I just told you that, but I did so there.

Now, update time: First up, Marissa - we’re still waiting. Believe me, I’ll tell you as soon as I know. She’s feeling totally full of baby and is just as anxious as we are for him to come and see the world. Any day now, he will decide to.


I just love the long tassel thingie on these flowers and think the outside looks an intricately unique as the inside.

Britney had a check up today to see how her baby is baking and the doctor couldn’t get a good measurement, so they sent her for another ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that she is right on schedule, she’s just not going to be an 8 lb baby like Tristan was. She will be a tiny little petite girl coming into the world around Christmas (probably with a huge snowstorm). So all is well there.


Don’t the little threads inside make you think of pumpkins and leaves turning and fall? We just had a few really hot days - we actually hit 90 degrees for the first time all summer and then we crashed down to 57 overnight. We’re nice and cool again.


We found a cute welcome sign to put by the front door, but while we were looking we came across this. . .

I know the photo’s not the greatest (it was taken with my Blackberry) but, huh? I really liked the leaves, the sign, but they only had this misspelled one. So it stayed at the store.

A couple of searches that people have some to my blog by have me giggling.  'lisa quit looking here' - I know I'm weird but that one totally cracks me up, here I am looking at search terms and someone is telling me now to!  I find it hilarious.

The 'Swimming at Jolly mills' search makes me laugh because the post they would find would be the one with the cottonmouths.  I wonder if they ended up going swimming after that.

'english majors do it loquaciously' - sounds like the kind of people I would like hanging out with.

reunion of the brides

On a totally other topic, some girls have gotten together to throw an event they are calling ‘Reunion of the Brides’, here in the Stevens Point area. Basically, it’s like the reception you had after your wedding, except everyone there will be the brides and grooms. It sounds like loads of fun, and since I know I have a few Wisconsin readers I thought it would be worth sharing. You can check out the details on their website, or email me if you have trouble with it loading (it doesn’t seem to like Firefox right now, but they’re working on it).

peeking out

Yoo-hoo, anyone out there? I would like to meet some of the bloggers reading me and ones I read. I know most of you are too far away but some of you are close, or at least in the same state. We should do it. Maybe even several of us could meet up together. Anyone interested? I’m sure we could coordinate something that would work for all of us.


  1. regarding the photo field-depth, i prefer the second one... i would have loved to see the inside of that "tassel-y" flower... it must be like a crystal forming a strange design... good luck with the EB... it's a good idea and i would have loved to be there if i live nearby *sigh*... by the way, i hope you don't mind that i added you in my link list :)...

  2. I prefer the first photo. No baby yet??? I guess she's enjoying the comfort of mommy's tummy a little while longer...
    As for getting together, put me on the list...we're pretty far away from each other, but you never know...maybe someday!

  3. I like the desk. The dog on the desk makes it. As for a big desk, I have one. But the bigger it is, the more stuff I pile on it. Sometimes I wish I just had room for the keyboard. And I don't get to projects, either, because my silly mind tells me I have to clean up the area first. The it's too late to start.

    I like the one with less depth of field best. I usually am drawn to MORE, so don't know what my deal is on that one.

    The WCLCOME sign is priceless. It had so much potential! I love the sparkles!

  4. I enjoyed all the photos of the flower, inside does remind me of pumpkin. Praying for healthy babies. Your blog is quite entertaining I really enjoy reading it.

  5. well i wouldnt be able to meet you right now, but currently we live near CR Iowa so if you were in southern or south western wisc. might be able to. unless we move and then we'd be out of luck. because 8 hours with an infant is a no no

  6. I love all of your photos. It's so fun to read your blog. I like the first flower photo best. Maybe your grandson will come today and he'll share my birthday. :) I'd love to meet maybe the next time I'm up north (I live in GA but travel to Michigan in the summers). Happy Thursday!

  7. First, i like the one with the larger dof. Normally i like smaller dof in macro, but i like the other for this particular one. Second, i would LOVE to meet up and hang out and even take a photo or two together, but alas, i am stuck here in MD!

  8. First, I like the second picture better than the first only because in the first one, a small piece of the denim background is in focus and the rest is out. Looks kind of odd. But that's just me!

    The other flower pictures are really neat. Does remind me of a pumpkin.

    Babies, babies!!! You're going to have a very Merry Christmas this year!!! Have you started shopping yet?

    And if I lived a few hundred miles closer, I would definitley like to meet up with you!

  9. Is that your dog in a basket? You crack me up. Do you know how long I'd have to clean to get my work area to look like that? I understand though, I could never tend bar unless everything was just so. But that desk is happening.
    I wish everyone would leave their desk for the next person when they moved, and we'd get a different desk each time.
    I like the dof photo.
    Sure, I'd be up for a little party somewhere with other bloggers. Feeling good, lost three pounds. That makes 124 more to go.
    I've designated Thursday as the day to bitch. Unlike every other day of my life.

  10. Oh God Lisa. I shuddered when I read of the cottonmouths and some weird thing in me almost made me want to go and have a look. How weird is that!

    As for the flowers....the one that looks like it's floating in the dark - took my breath away.

  11. Beautiful flowers. I think I like the one that is out of focus more, but I like how clearly I can see the water droplets on the one that's in I dunno.

  12. Is that your little rattie up there??? He's adorable!
    I can totally relate to your cleaning the work area first. I have a huge '70's era desk and a table that get totally covered and swamped with all sorts of stuff when I'm working. I have to clean everything and put every thing in its proper place before beginning the next project. However, I am also really good at deciding to reorganize or organize something else as a way to delay work for a day or two more.
    The flower photos are incredible. I've not seen flowers like that before.
    How close are you to Nebraska?

  13. You know I am just waiting for you to tell me when you will be over here at the Camera Shop. I'll catch the bus and meet you at the coffee shop on the corner, we can get silly and wear a funny hat or such.
    funny wish my hysterectomy would have taken care of my depression/anxiety...I won't mention how many medications I take for my health, mental & physical.
    Love the welcome/fall decor.
    The mouse pic is so darn cute.

  14. Superb shots of the Lily! Beautiful lighting!

    That Welcome sign is cute1 Hmmmm...I wonder if the "E" leaf, fell off !

    If you are ever down in the Southwest, be sure and look me up, and if I'm ever up ( I have a cousin who lives in Hanover, MN). I would love to meet at the Mall of America.

  15. Cool selection to day. The mouse makes my day! :) And for the Flower pic - for me it's V2.
    And of course the ones with the dark BG are great!
    It goes without saying though, that if you're heading this way - we sure should meet up!
    Cheers, Klaus

  16. I personally prefer that second photo. The DOF texture just catches my eye. Beautiful shots Lis!

  17. I like v2 as well. It might just be me, but the water droplets just seem a bit too uniform. As for the pumpkin guts photo, I didn't even notice them because I was too busy trying to figure out what that thin line at the very bottom of the petal was. Then I moved my leg and the cat hair floated off my screen...

    A get-together is a lovely idea...however it's a bit of a trek for me. Someday I'll be out there to visit relatives...

  18. Lisa, you have me cracking up tonight! I love your ramblings. While I was on the road I kept up with all my favorite bloggers, just didn't take time to say Hello. As for the more/less depth of field question on the pretty yellow flower, I am a fan of more depth, but the dew drops are more vivid on the less depth. Getting more depth and keeping the sharpness of the drops would wow me. The turtle photos and narrative are so funny. I wonder what he thought that fish-eye was?

    I'm still sorting through photos from my trip and tonight posted some of the air show. I gotta say again --- I love my Canon 40D!

    Here's hoping the baby comes soon and all goes well!

  19. Both of them are stunning!! I couldn't choose just one!!!
    Hard waiting for baby!! And they are really selling that sign??

  20. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who has to clear my workspace daily and gets sidetracked easily. Methinks I like the 2nd photo best … though I’m not sure why. I played with ‘filters’ again and shared at Sacred Ruminations today … 7 variations of a single photo … and I can can’t say which I prefer.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. I like the more focused photo. I think they are beautiful. I would be happy to meet you and if you come to visit (I just read today, there are lots of caches near us), we wouldn't even put you up in the chicken coop;-).