Sunday, September 28, 2008

Macro Monday - Drip drip drop


I have decided to make Mondays ‘Macro Monday’ here in my little space, at least for a while. We’ll just see how it goes. I’m more than happy to link up to you if you would like to join in.





I was sitting in the yard after I watered the plants and noticed the cool drips on these buds. I snapped and waited for the drop to, well drop, but it took forever, and I got bored. Still I liked these shots watching the drip get longer and longer and less round. . .Oh, how 'bout that bug?  Did you notice him up there?

Other players:

If you wanna join in, just let me know in comments, see you next week. :)


  1. Count me in please!!! Starting today!!

  2. I would love to join in...starting next week. I already have Fun Monday and Thematic Photographic going up today! Please remind me! (Cuz, you have so much time to keep my life organized ;0) *dripping with sarcasm*

  3. What cool shots. Maybe I'll play next week.

  4. Lisa, those are beautiful photos.
    Have a great macro Monday!

  5. Love your shots. This is a great idea, but I'll pass right now. I think I'll tell Carrie about it, though; she has a new camera.

  6. That capture is gorgious!
    I would join but without a camera these days...
    I love to look as well. I will check it out.
    Love TJ

  7. Thanks for the heads up re MS's blog, Lisa. She's just too, too--but I absolutely admire the way she approaches everything as a learning/teaching experience. Her magazine is just like a fine living text book. Re macro mondays, wish I were in this league. I did take your advice and have both digital and 35mm cameras on trip to Europe. Ended up using digital because so many photos has to be taken from the tour bus. I could just nix the duds.

  8. Very ‘kewl’ … I need to learn to USE the macro lens on my camera … and then perhaps I can participate in Macros Monday sometime. I did actually see the little critter before you pointed him out, but only because I’ve learned to really LOOK at your photos ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it but I can definitely see it now.

    I love these shots, Lisa

  10. These are great shots, Lisa! A world in a drop of water. I love it.

  11. Wow, that is a very awesome Macro shot! SOO Neat! Reminds me of Horton Hears A Who!

    I have passed on a bloggy award to you and your fabulousness! Check my blog for details.

  12. I wanna play. I wanna play. Am I too late? Story of my life. Next week perhaps? I love waterdrop shots. LOVE THEM.

  13. Oh and hey. You should also check out Macro Mondays on Flickr - not sure if you play that too, but I usually join in on that as well.

    Okay. out.

  14. Wow ! that's a great idea and your pictures are wonderful !
    I will try to exercise myself in Macro shots and participate of course !

  15. I'd love to join! Count me in please:)

    Love your photos!!!

  16. I'll try and jump in next Monday. I've only got the one lens that switches to macro. I'll have to ask Santa for a good one. :-)

  17. Dang - I'm so far behind! Beautiful shots! Love them drops!
    Cheers, Klaus