Monday, September 15, 2008

Desolation, Isolation and a new novel?


I have always loved books. My absolute favorites are horror, thrillers, suspense, mystery and my favorite author of all time is Dean Koontz. I gobble up everything he puts out the second I can get my hands on it! I love his style, his words flow. . .but I’ve went on and on about him a few times before.

Of course I love Stephen King, weirdnesses and all and I love his son, Joe Hill (Heart-shaped Box), can’t wait to see more. These authors are the reason I cannot walk into a dark room, they are to credit for my healthy fear of spook houses and strangers.

Do you remember King's book/movie, “Misery”? It’s a great movie! Tell me you remember, the author, the greatest fan, the novel. . . Remember the setting? The snow, the loneliness?

Alongside a lake in the Northwoods sits a motel - I use the word loosely - sits a strip of 5 rooms attached - remember Psycho? Well take away the attached office and the ice machine and you have the place - and as we checked into the end room I was impressed, we could get 9 channels on the 13” television, you might have been able to use the end of the bed as the chair and dresser top as your desk. The place doesn’t have A/C (I wonder if it has heat) but you can borrow a fan from the office. No internet to distract you from nature or wild imagination. You are transported to another time and place, another dimension. . .

But it has a charm that only a suspense/horror/thriller/mystery novelist could love. The vibe is only slightly eerie. And as you walk the grounds and look around you can imagine all kinds of things happening there. Will we make it out of here alive? Will we end up buried in the freshly tilled garden? How long will it take for someone to miss us? Will we ever be found or just lay decaying at the bottom of the lake with the fish giving us pedicures?


So all you mystery, horror, suspense, thriller writers just come on up if you need a place to hole up with no distractions. We have tons of snow to help block out the rest of the world. And we have a place you can pound away on those typewriter keys while plaiting your tales of woe and despair.


  1. Very spooky! And I LOVE LOVE Dean Koontz! He's my favorite author ever! I am especially a big fan of the Christopher Snow novels and Odd Thomas. There's much speculation about the two merging, especially after the last Odd installation, but we will see. Hope all is well! xxoo

  2. Uhhh really a bit spooky! Great shots and seeing you giving your imagination free reign is fun, too!
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. I love Koontz and King and get that same vibe about places. The idea of holing up in a place like the Fairwood and pounding out a novel sounds like a dream come true.
    There used to be an old abandoned house near where I lived when I was a kid and I would spend hours standing out front dreaming up all kinds of scary things about the inside. When I was 15 I talked a friend into sneaking in the windows with me and once inside we found burned black candles and witchcraft symbols on all of the walls. We almost broke our necks getting out of there! My dad told me later that they'd arrested the owner for murder and that's why the house was abandoned. The murder didn't happen in the house but inside was the spookiest place I'd ever been - and I got in a lot of trouble when my little sister told my parents I'd been in there LOL

  4. I'm awaiting directions. Did I ever ask you if you saw or wanted a video tape of Bloodhook (speaking of northern WI film locations).

  5. Let's see... YOU can stay there, but I think I'll be staying somewhere else! That sign looks like it is the scariest motel on the planet!

  6. I would LOVE that place! As you know, Koontz and King are favorites of mine and this place definitely looks like it could inspire some stories for them. I think it's the black and white sign. Does the light come out white?

  7. Oooh! Again, I love the creepiness factor! Have stayed in more than a few rinky-dink 'motels' in the state where I lay awake half the night worrying about the clunks and the creeks and just WHAT that shadow was in the corner!

    BTW - I started a little online blog community for us Cheeseheads. Check out today's post on my blog for more details!

  8. Girl, you are just so cool.

    You. ROCKETH.

  9. For some reason, this sign totally looks like it could go with the motel in that movie Identity with John Cusak, which freaked me out as much as Stephen King's books!

  10. No way!

    I am sooooo totally a fan of Koontz. My favorite? Phantoms!! Yours??

    I also loved the "Odd Thomas" series.

  11. We drive by this every time we head to the Boy scout camp, looks so desolate and creepy still.
    Hey we are getting together a WI bloggers blog, watch for an email about that.

  12. Tiaras & TantrumsSeptember 16, 2008 at 12:57 PM

    dean koontz books scare the ever livin crap out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CAN NOT READ 'EM!!!!!!!!!

  13. i am a total wimp. i hate scary things. And that sign gives me the creeps. Now i will have nightmares!

  14. Wow...that is creepy, after you set it up! I am Stephen King's "biggest fan"..hehehehe. I can't wait to go back to the west coast of Fla and see his house. Not stalk it or anthing, just SEE it!

    Anyway, creepy picture, but I like it. Now, go check out my blog 'cause I left you something!!

  15. Misery!!! Fantastic book and movie. I loved it. King, Koontz, Gaiman...all of those writers that manage to dig up our deepest fears or, in many cases, give us new ones. Love them all.
    I would totally have to check out that hotel. Creepy places are so much fun. Of course, I live in a secure little bubble where I believe those things only happen in books and movies. If a monster, human or other wise, actually came at me I'd probably just drop dead right there on the floor and save them the trouble of actually doing me in.

  16. How ‘kewl’ … I’m a HUGE Dean Koontz and Stephen King fan too!!! This certainly looks like a setting from one of their novels.
    Hugs and blessings,