Thursday, October 21, 2010

World's Largest Metal Sculpture


We went through North Dakota too late to see all the beautiful sunflowers with their heads up.


I did find one that still had its petals. :0)


We could see this metal art from miles away and due to the time crunch of traveling we almost decided to zip on by, but we pulled off the highway and snapped a couple of photos (this is where the field of sunflowers was) before going to try to find the rest of the metal art.


It is certified as being the largest metal sculpture.  Geese in Flight is 110 feet tall and 154 feet wide!  You feel very small standing next to it looking up and at 157,659 lbs I do not think I want it to fall on me.


We decided to travel a little bit of the enchanted highway to see some more of the sculptures along it. The largest grasshopper is somewhere along the route. All we managed to see were the deer before we decided we better move it along. Maybe someday we can go back and see the Pheasants and other things.



  1. Cool sculptures!

    (To answer your comment in my blog: I don't think I would have the guts to fly in a hot air baloon)

  2. Lisa, your incredible pictures always inspire me, but your sweet spirit and positive attitude inspire me even more.

  3. Oh how I love those geese. I have a special affinity with geese - we have regular large amounts of Canada Geese (and sometimes Pinkfoot) visiting a lake just near our home and I adore them. I especially love the way they talk to each other in flight - magical - I always have to stop and look and listen to them whenever they go over.

  4. I'm glad you stopped. That would have been an awesome photo with all their heads up. The top one looks like it's bowing it's head in prayer.

  5. Wow...those are so cool, What a lucky find!

  6. How cool is this sculpture....and those geese are so very creative! Looks like a fun highway!

  7. Enchanted highway ... I like that. And I'm glad you got to see what you did. Beautiful sculptures!

  8. I enjoy seeing all your pictures! :)

    P.S. Just thought I'd let you know, but I'm giving your blog an award. Check back to my post for 10/22/10 for exact details. And Congrats!

  9. I aDORe stopping by to visit you. You have such an eye and great perspective with each picture. What a fun find in the end of summer fields.

    Off to make the rounds...still trying to catch up with everyone.

    Have a super-duper weekend,

  10. As always, you see the most amazing things and bring them to us to see as well. I'll have to seek this out on future visits to North Dakota.

  11. Cool metal art. I had not idea the largest piece was here in the US. Reminds of stopping to see things like the Jolly Green Giant and the corn husk palace as a kid. :)

  12. Wow, it's a really huge piece of work!

  13. Wonder if they have the budget to light them up at Christmas. Wouldn't that be awesome and make for outstanding photos!!!

    Oh, well, I can dream, right?

  14. Sunflowers are just gorgeous aren't they? Oh boy...really enjoyed this post and the one below of the Turkey BUTT! We are suckers for animals butts - haha, just recently took a bunch of duck butts while they scanned the shallow lakes for food in Rocky Mountain National Park


  15. I love those, especially the deer. It sounds like it really was an "Enchanted Highway"!