Tuesday, October 26, 2010



My size doesn't matter, I have the strength to take on things 10 times bigger than I am.

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I really should have taken my flash out with us I guess, oh well, I still like this one of her.  Sorry I'm overloading you on puppy for a little bit here, I'm assuming I'll find a home for her soon and her time here is limited so I'm soaking her up. :)


She jumps and runs and wants to play with everyone. That's her daddy's leg you can see on the right.


He ran like a little girl while she chased him wanting to play, she finally cornered him and he turned with fear in his eyes, lol.


Brodi's pretty cautious of his wee one, but he does play with her a little and she's starting to mimic his play. This photo was taken right before the first photo. A series of three.

IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385


  1. that little pudgy body and short legs are so sweet.
    why can't that be true of me?

  2. There can never be puppy overload from my perspective Lisa!

  3. Oh yes, they grow up too fast. She is so cute though, I am sure you can't help but love her. There is no such thing as puppy overload!!

  4. You have to give her away? That will be so hard. Too bad I can take her!
    Give us more puppy shots. :)

  5. I wanted to say "can´t" take her! DUH!

  6. She's so cute, it makes me almost want to volunteer to take her home. Sadly, distance and circumstances won't allow that. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy your pics.

  7. "C'mon mom and dad, play with me"! I think you need another puppy to keep Sookie playing LOL These are all just precious!

  8. I love seeing pics of her. And, I still want her!! I just worry about Rascal and if he would accept her since he thinks this is HIS castle.

  9. Where there are puppies I must comment!! So sweet - it's a hard job to capture a moving puppy so focused!

  10. She is almost as cute as my "kitten" Kjelle :)

  11. Go ahead and overload! I think she's just about the most precious thing I've seen in a while!

  12. I agree with Chasity -- if pudgy bodies and short legs are so darn cute, why doesn't it work for me? And they are so cute on those puppies!!!

  13. Keep the puppy photos coming ... we'll miss her when she's gone!