Sunday, October 31, 2010



Halloween is a holiday not to be overlooked.  For me, it signals the beginning of winter, the end of daylight savings time, the start of the holiday season, quickly followed by Thanksgiving then Christmas, the end of the year.  Where did this year go?

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The ornament next an English Walnut shell that we kept from last winter - I'm not sure why - it still fits together perfectly. . .


  1. The walnut shell really shows how tiny that sweet little ornament is!

  2. Wow -I never would have thought that ornament was so small! Lovely close ups.

  3. I love the bottom composition...the shells go perfectly w/ Mr Boo! :) I know, it seems like yesterday the year was just starting...and time seems to speed by after Halloween! I am ready for the holiday whirlwind!

  4. I'm with you. Where in the world did this year go! And I like the walnut with your ornament. Helps illustrate the concept of size.