Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jordan, Montana


To be real honest I'm not sure if this was the western edge of North Dakota, or the eastern edge of Montana. Pretty though, no?


We pulled over at this museum's parking lot to call some hotels and find one for the night so we could determine our best route. Yeah, we travel on the fly.


We got onto a Montana backroad not long after entering the state, from Glendive we went to Circle then on to Jordan. Kinda going right through its middle towards Glacier. We were surprised that even on backroads the speed limit was 70 mph. The bugs sure do splat at that speed, lol.



Coming into Jordan, where we spent the night. This is the only stop-and-go light flashing light in town. To the left, out of sight is our motel, if you turn right there's a place to eat, or drink. One of the tiny towns we passed through had a sign that would have fit here too, "Go ahead and blink, we're still here."


I crossed the road and turned around, here's our motel. The Garfield Motel, I guess because we're in Garfield county. The owners are very nice and they've recently purchased the place and working on renovating it. That bright spot is the only convenience store in town. The town had a population of 364 peoples in 2000, and they are at least an hour from any other town. Amazing way to live.


While facing the motel I looked left and could see the bar and grill where we ate dinner.


Any wonder that the new owners are redecorating? Scary, lol. Everywhere I turned there was a new color and/or pattern, kinda gave me a headache. But shockingly of all, we had internet.


We were up and at 'em really early. This was shot real quick as we loaded the van. I think it's a similar position as when we came into town in the dark. Wagon's ho. . .


A little ways down the road we were treated to sunrise in Montana - Glorious!


  1. I'm enjoying your trip...I can see why they're wanting to redecorate the place...But what a neat place to stay at.

  2. Amazing that there are still little towns like that. I think I would enjoy living there. Beautiful sunrise!

  3. I love the small town photos. That museum with the t-rex looks like a fun place. You didn't go in? What museum was it?

  4. Really great photos - that town is about as big as the one I grew up in. Well, maybe not quite that small. It looks charming!

  5. What a great adventure. Now that is a small town. Wow an hour away from anything, bet that convenience store does a booming business! Beautiful big sky Montana!

  6. Your panoramic landscape pictures are spectacular. Can you even imagine what it would be like to live in a town that tiny? I'm from a small town in Iowa and, believe me, they know every single move you make! Oh, and I thought those pictures were rain or snow ... bug juice ... gross!!! =)

  7. You travel like we do...too funny! I love the landscapes and that sunrise is glorious...the start of another perfect day of your vacation! I am enjoying my virtual trip as well! :)

  8. Big land and big skies. Wonderful! That last one is incredible.

  9. I always wondered where to stay on a journey like this. That one room with a lot of green. Might have to pass on this one. Moving on with a beautiful sunrise, I can wait to see our next stop on this journey you are taking us on.

    Oh, by the way, Sookie is really pulling at my heart strings. But, we just arent home enough right now to raise a pup correctly. But, I know you will find a great home.


  10. You're in my old neck of the woods. And for the longest time, I don't think there was a speed limit at all in Montana!

  11. Those first and last photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Great to see the hometown again, and through someone else's eyes. I was born and raised there, still have family there, and continue to be grateful for the perspective I was raised with.
    That building across from the Garfield Hotel where you stayed was (and is) my family's business, going on 5 generations now.
    Happy travels, and thanks so much for sharing--you just never know who you will touch!!