Thursday, October 14, 2010



The parents of this pup were my constant companions while going through chemo.  Each time I had chemo I would spend several days in bed, Fibi and Brodi would stay right beside me, undemanding, just comforting and quiet.  After a few days, Brodi would take it upon himself to drag me from the bed, he would jump down onto the hardwood floor and tap-dance while softly woofing.  His antics would bring a smile to my face and I would get out of bed for him.

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Photographing a puppy is not the easiest thing. She has no clue what a camera is and when she sees a person her whole body wiggles with joy. The tail wags, she wiggles and she tries to get around the black thing pointed at her and into the hands that scratch her back and make her happy.


Mama jumped over to see what I was doing with her baby, of course Sookie went to mama.You can see her puppy pad in the background, she's doing very good with it.


Her nose is all the way black now. :0) Anyone need a playful puppy?  She'll be ready to go to a home around November 15th.

Added a very short video, she had chased my feet for quite a while and was getting tired before I thought to try video on the phone.


  1. I'm sure pets are wonderful companions when you are going through chemo. And you're doing a great job photographing this cute wiggly puppy.

  2. She's soooo cute. I'd love a dog - maybe one day when I don't travel anymore.

  3. What a cute pooch! Dogs are the best :)

  4. I am still working on it - didn't get a definite "no" last night so I take that as progress. Plus, I am dangling a trip in front of his nose....

  5. I want her! I want her! I want her! But... my husband would tell me I'm dog obsessed and need to find a new place to live! What a funsucker!

  6. Oh, that sweet, sweet face! My dogs are major snugglers and love nothing more than cuddling while I read in bed. They are the best companions, aren't they?