Sunday, October 24, 2010

a different view


Looking at something from a new angle can share the hidden parts you, knew were there but, couldn't imagine.  Often the important stuff is hard to get to, or covered up with fluff that distracts us.  But if we ignore the stem of the blossom, the flower will die.  A person's core, inner workings, are hidden deeper than that stem, but just as important.

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  1. OH! LISA! You have won me over and beyond with this one. I am so inspired with this, so, so, inspired. I love it :)

  2. You certainly picked a photogenic stem for this moving post! The petals are exceptional, too!

  3. You are deeply moving to me Lisa. That picture is gorgeousness and light and these words cut right to the quick. Thank you for the inspiration today!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. that is such a change from normal flower shots, I would never have thought of it.

  5. I love this unique perspective....what great details!

  6. You are so right and I love you for saying it. The photo is beautiful.