Friday, October 29, 2010

female dark-eyed junco


Regardless of the diagnosis. each and every day that we breathe we are living with - not dying of - cancer.  (Otherwise, we have been dying of life since the day we were born.) ~ unknown

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While I was watching she found a worm - cool!


  1. Great shots! I love the worm (well, not literally, but I think it is pretty cool that you were able to get the pic).

  2. Perfect timing in capturing her finding that cool! More lovely shots of this beautiful bird!

  3. How right that quote is. Lovely shots.

  4. A month ago that quote probably wouldn't have touched me so much, now it is another story. They are words to live by. So many people have questioned Terry about whether or not he is going to continue to work on his degree his answer is i don't plan on dying anytime soon. He is responding so well to the medication, there are some side effects but nothing that cant be adapted too. And your photos are wonderful.