Friday, October 10, 2008

Monarchs and more

Camera Critters

Monarchs are always a delight to find.


And easy to recognize/identify.


But I’m pretty clueless when it comes to other butterflies.


Tiny and quick they flutter so fast they are hard to catch.


Sometimes, freezing them with the camera will help me to identify them later, but I wasn’t able to get close enough to this little fairy.


I love the little bits of white along the edges of this one’s wings.


I may be clueless at identifying butterflies, but I still enjoy their beauty.


And Monarchs are always a delight to find.

Of course I found these before the fall migration.


  1. They are all beautiful photographs! I tried for some butterfly shots, they are so fast ..and..and.. fluttery. I could have gotten the one on the windshield..only partly dead..somehow my heart wasn't in it. I have to wait and try again next year:)

  2. that is some absolutely amazing camera work...beautifully captured pictures of nature...just look at the colours and

  3. Gorgeous!!!
    They are hard to capture, but I haven't seen many around in Belgium this year!!
    I did manage to capture some in France this year!

  4. these are beautiful. great capture. i love taking butterfly pix. :)

  5. The Monarchs are my daughters favorite. We ended up planting a big section of milkweeds and registered with Monarch Watch. She gets so much enjoyment out of seeing them from caterpillar to when they hatch out. I'll have to show her your beautiful pictures when she wakes up.

  6. Just sisters and I love butterflies and I got all three of us matching butterfly ornaments one Christmas for each of our trees. They are so whimsical and lovely. Thank you for sharing these!

  7. I love butterflies--just so beautiful and graceful.

  8. I meant to add that you have excellent photos, specially of the monarch.

  9. I was pleased/surprised to see a butterfly yesterday.

    I played too :)

  10. I love butterflies and moths. I have actually found that trying to identify them is almost as much fun trying to take their picture. Although I do enjoy the picture taking a bit more since it means that I am outdoors and not sitting in front of a computer. Oh here is my favorite sight for trying to identify these fascinating critters.

    Oh yeah great photos by the way.

  11. Lovely shots! And I agree--identifying them is almost as much fun as photographing them!

  12. Beautiful butterfly pics. I am with you though, I only know the Monarchs.

  13. I don't know how you possibly could NOT enjoy this beauty - these photos are absolutely stunning! Great work here!

  14. A beautiful series of photos - each has great detail!

    Lovely blog all the way around.

  15. I love butterflies but never have much success photographing them. You’ve captured a wonderful selection to share here. Thanks ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Very beautuful! I love butterflies, but can only identify blue swallowtails and monarchs with any certainty! I just get excited when I see them.

  17. Hi Lisa. Just stopped by to say thank you for visiting my blog. You have a great collection of butterfly pics here. I especially like the pretty little orange with black spots and white around the edges.
    I'm not sure where Plover is located. My mother lived in Appleton for several years, and one of my cousins lives there currently. When my cousins were all kids, their family lived in Medford. Are either near you?

  18. The little orange one with the white tips is my favorite. Great bunch of shots!

  19. Yes, they are. We saw one yesterday in Brooklyn! Your photos are wonderful, Lisa.

  20. Just such an outstanding collection

  21. your photos are always so stimulating and clear and big.. i love visiting you Sandy

  22. I love those little flittery blue ones. I can never get a picture. All yours are fabulous!