Sunday, October 19, 2008

Muttering along

Unconscious Mutterings, I say. . .you think. . .

  1. Magical ::

  2. Shrimp ::

  3. Project Runway ::

  4. Economy ::

  5. Porch ::

  6. State of affairs ::

  7. .com ::

  8. Fifty cents ::

  9. Ripping ::

  10. Bull ::


Some of you may not like this photo, maybe it seems a little dull, but it is that subdued coloring that drew me to it, it feels relaxing to me. I love woodpeckers, this downy was content to peck away pretending not to notice me or my lens.  What do you think when you gaze upon it?

  1. Magical :: mystery

  2. Shrimp :: yuck

  3. Project Runway ::models

  4. Economy ::sad

  5. Porch ::swing

  6. State of affairs ::grim

  7. .com ::web

  8. Fifty cents ::singer

  9. Ripping ::tearing

  10. Bull ::shivicky (my mom would always say this while I was growing up)


  1. I love your thoughts on bull :) Great mutterings!

  2. Awww...your little birdie friend was too intent on his/her job to pay attention to the camera :-)

    My mutterings are posted too! I had a similar answer to Bull, but I loved how you put it!

  3. Hi Lisa. I love the woodpecker! I don't get to see a lot of them, but I get pics every chance I get.
    Have a great week and take care.

  4. Ooooo, you know 50 cents??! :)

    I got a sweet gum tree in my backyard that is filled with little holes. Dadburn woodpeckers

  5. No at at aduul it's a fabulous image. I'm a big bird photorgrpaher.

  6. i like it. i like woodpeckers too...and sometimes this is all you get to see of them. :) like your answers to 'mutterings.'

  7. I came over from June's to have a look-see round your blog! I like the woodpecker photo as it really shows how the colours all blend with the tree and also because of the angle you have used. I off to see your other postings!

  8. I can see why you like this photo...

  9. I like it -- it's very peaceful.

  10. I love bull shivicky - that is great! You don't like shrimp huh? Lol.

  11. Your photo reminds me of my brother who also loved woodpeckers … so much so that he made one in ‘a wood-working class’ in Junior High and I have it to this day. It’s not as realistic as your photo, but my brother would have loved this image.

    I enjoyed your ‘mutterings’ and apologize for visiting so late. I’ve got more than 1000 unread posts in Google Reader even though I’ve been visiting blogs most of the morning. I agree the economy is sad, but I actually enjoy shrimp and other seafood, shell fish, etc. Guess it’s part of being a ‘beach-loving’ gal. I admit I’ve never heard of Bull-shivicky but if it was good enough for your mom, it’s good enough for me ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,