Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Life has been busy lately, just seems to get more so all the time, doesn’t it? One of the things I have been doing differently, that seems to be working for me, is setting myself a goal of scrap booking 10 pages a week. It has enabled me to get started on the book from our vacation in May and I’m about halfway done. Yay me!  This is much better than never finding time to do it.


All of leaves have fallen, thank goodness I snapped a few pretty leaves before they left. These were taken less than a week ago, but if I were to snap one of the same area today you would wonder why I was showing you a bunch of twigs.


We voted already, so they can quit campaigning to us. :)  So nice that we can vote early in Wisconsin and not have to stand in those long lines on election day.

I almost forgot, Saturday evening I was standing in our driveway, waiting for hubs to come out so we could take some movies back and I discovered something, furry, kinda gray, on my suet feeder.  It was fairly dark out and I moved a little closer, trying to get a better look, I didn't see a beak, and although it was almost the size of a chipmunk the color did not look right.  Finally I got into the creature's space I guess because it ran up the small tree, from limb to limb lithely to the big tree.  It sat in the big tree chattering at me and by this point I knew it had four legs (not a bat), and small extremely bushy tail (not a chipmunk), no beak (not a bird) and I wondered. . .could it be(?). . .so, I ran walked nonchalantly to get a flashlight.  As I shined the light into the bare-leafed tree, the "critter" flew, or glided, across the driveway to a different tree. As I shined my light there it flew once again.  For the first time in my life I saw a flying squirrel, and didn't even get a photo.


Tristan is still infatuated with cameras. When his mom lets him shoot some photos, he aims, snaps, checks the back and laughs. He’s making me more than a little paranoid.


Since we do not trust a 19 month old with knives he was allowed to paint on his pumpkin. This involved fingers and . . .


. . .toes.


And inevitably a bath. He’s now looking for a job as painter. Anyone need some help? He will make your living room look unique. Btw, Dennis took the photos of Tristan, I was busy watching helping the young Picasso.


Ever had days like this?  I am curious about the story behind this gravestone. We found it in a real cemetery, it is a real stone and while there were others nearby with the same last name we were pretty dumbfounded by this one. What are your thoughts?


  1. Setting yourself a goal to do things really can help you manage your time better, I think I'll have to do the same, time just seems to be slipping through my fingers lately!
    I love the series of picture with the paint, just lovely!
    And the way he handles that camera? Very professional!

  2. Me thinks you have a budding little photographer!! The series of pics is SOOOOOO cute!! The leaves are exceptional! The tombstone is hilarious. We loved to walk through the cemeteries in funky places like Key West! You can't even imagine some of the stuff that was on those tombstones~! I'm going to have to see if I can locate some of the pics we took from there...I'd be interested to hear that dude's story too!

  3. Wow...I'm still trying to find time to sit down and scrapbook the stuff from my own wedding...a year and a half ago :-( So, bravo to you for getting all that stuff done! (I think I'm a bit intimidated because I've only dabbled in scrapbooking before, and so I'm afraid I'll mess up my wedding scrapbook. So I don't start. Great way to handle it, hm?)

    Great pics, as usual. And yes, I love that gravestone...I think I've had that sort of day all week! Jeanne (above) beat me to it - I've seen similar stuff in Key West's cemetery. If memory serves, there's one stone that says "I Told You I Was Sick" - hee!

  4. Photography is obviously in his genes. Lucky for him he'll be able to learn from an excellent photographer!
    How cool that you saw a flying squirrel!!!! I've always wanted to see one but have never been fortunate enough. I keep looking and hoping though.

    That headstone is great! There is one in the cemetery in Key West that has the woman's name and then says
    "I Told You I Was Sick" LOL Some people have to have the last word I guess LOL

  5. WOW what a colorful post...from the Tristan. I love the shot where you have captured just his hand on the pumpkin.

  6. Hi Lisa, from a Texan who never gets to see leaves changing colors, thanks! The pics are great. I love the one of Tristin with the camera...maybe runs in the family. As for the headstone...who knows, maybe they had a great sense of humor and wanted to be remembered that way? Cathy

  7. I love the leaf photos. I miss the fall colors of Michigan. The leaves in Georgia are just now starting to change colors. I have a similar photo of my son after he painted some free crafts that he made at Home Depot. I think he got more paint on himself than on the project.

  8. I think it'd be fun to go around to graveyards and collect the best sayings on headstones. I think it's been done before, but not lately. Lovely photos...

  9. Wow, the gravestone is interesting. Bob Hopes say in starring in. Wonder what is means. Love all the photo's. I ordered my new macro lens. I am so excited to get it. Maybe in time for snow flakes.

  10. Stunning leaves and very cute pumpkin painting pics!

  11. Hi Lisa
    Great autumn colors! It looks like Tristan wanted to be a jack-o-lantern along with the pumpkins!
    Have a good one.

  12. I once (back in my old house) had a family of flying squirrels take up residence in my bird house. I went to peek in on the "birds" only to crap myself (not literally, but it was close) when Momma flying squirrel came out with a vengeance! I didn't even know they existed around us!

    Love the pics of the pumpkin painting!

  13. Our leaves are just now turning so I'm waiting a couple more days to take some pictures. I love yours. The picture of Tristan are priceless. I love the paint all over him. I should be daring and give Carson a shot. He is having surgery ON Halloween so I should let him have a little fun now! As far as the gravestone, I can relate now. LOL. I think it has to be an inside joke between the family members. Too bad they didn't leave a message on the side so we all could know.

  14. The leaves are beautiful, especially with the droplets of water. Our trees have slowly been turning brown due to warmer weather, but recent cool nights and rain have brought out the yellows more.

    I had to laugh at the gravestone. We saw one a long time ago, and I don't remember where, that said "I told you I was sick!"

  15. Goodness! A lot of folks have been to Key West and seen the same tombstone! I think I'd like to have some better last words for my tombstone. Better yet, I'd rather never have a tombstone.

  16. Beautiful photos as always! Tristan is absolutely precious!

    I've got a little something for you on my blog:

  17. We had flying squirrels at our bird feeders at night. Got an up close view of one after it hit the window and laid stunned..but never got a photo. Great solution to carving a pumpkin..and the photos are smashing! (Not as in Smashing Pumpkins) Awesome tombstone..obviously someone with a sense of humor:)

  18. Watch out Picasso, here's comes a cuter painter! Flying squirrels? Wow, no way, I've never seen one of those!

  19. little tristan is adorable, and what fun he's having!! with the paint and camera. love the leaves with the droplets of water. as for the would be interesting to know the real story behind that. :)

  20. I am LOVING these pictures. Lisa, they are all fantastic!!!

  21. Great images - but the Gravestone takes the crown! Looks like a person I would probably have liked for her humor!
    Cheers, Klaus

  22. OOHh those fall photos are spectacular!!! and what a little cutie!! i love the paint all over!!!
    And iam curious on that stone too!!! that person must of really had it!!!

  23. She's had it w/ life I suppose.

  24. I can so relate to how amazingly busy life’s become … all those ‘conveniences’ designed to give us more time seem to have backfired somehow and sometimes I just need to STOP EVERYTHING like I did over the weekend. It’s made me father behind in many ways, but I’m letting some things simply fall away purposefully … just because. Congrats on making time for scrapbooking and for voting already. I’m planning to do that today or tomorrow. Sorry you missed capturing the flying squirrel to share, but am glad you saw it. Loved the photos of Tristan with the camera and painting the pumpkin. I’m curious about the story behind the stone too … but too addled at the moment to come up with anything creative.
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. I know I owe you questions. I'm trying to get the feed reader under 100. I'm nearly there. I hope. That last one is a REAL stone? That's strange. And, I love Tristan painting. Careful with the point and click - my charmer broke ours.

  26. Loves the fall and pumpkin photos.

    The gravestone reminds me of an old man I met once. He was just a man I met out and about and we were small talking when I found out he was close to 100. He told me he didn't want to live past 100 (it would be the year 2000) because in his 90-some years he had seen it all. He witnessed the beginning of all the technology we enjoy (hate) today and he had seen enough. So maybe it was something like that.

  27. The gravestone makes me laugh! They are not cheap; it would be a rather expensive joke.

    Love the leaf pictures.

    Excited about the flying squirrel. Amazing to me.

    The pumpking paintingn is too cute!