Saturday, October 11, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace


I love Queen Anne's Lace in all of it's glory.


In every stage.


From every angle.

Time to mutter, I say. . .and you think. . .?

  1. Zoo ::

  2. Neighborhood ::

  3. Salute ::

  4. Immortality ::

  5. Dominion ::

  6. Rhonda ::

  7. Parties ::

  8. Prince of Darkness ::

  9. Garbage ::

  10. Standard ::

My answers:

  1. Zoo :: zebra

  2. Neighborhood ::house

  3. Salute ::hand

  4. Immortality :: vampire

  5. Dominion ::werewolf

  6. Rhonda ::cafe

  7. Parties :: bonfire

  8. Prince of Darkness :: dracula

  9. Garbage ::trash

  10. Standard ::regular


  1. Those photos are just breathtaking!! I love flowers and you have really captured the essence of that one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and making such sweet comments.

  2. Hey Lisa! My mutterings are posted! Have a great Sunday!

  3. This is fun! I gave it a try on my blog.

  4. This is fun! I gave it a try on my blog.
    I grew up in Ct. and I miss the Queen Ann's lace. It was so big and beautiful and there was a field of it near my house. There was milkweed there, too, so the field was always covered with butterflies in the fall.

  5. Zoo :: Photo Ops
    Neighborhood :: Community
    Salute :: Respect
    Immortality :: Legacy
    Dominion :: Heaven
    Rhonda :: Hair stylist
    Parties :: make them small, intimate
    Prince of Darkness :: Darkness has no prince, only evil
    Garbage :: too much of it
    Standard :: to be exceeded

    These are fun, especially when I fill in the blanks before I see others' responses.

  6. Love the various views of Queen Anne’s Lace and enjoyed your ‘mutterings’ … especially the alliteration of zoo and zebra and the image of ‘bonfire’ for parties. It seems that we had no responses in common this week, but my mutterings are at Small Reflections as usual.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. always ! life
    Neighborhood...there goes the ______
    Salute: flag
    Immortality: Did you say IMMORAL?
    Rhonda...Help Help me
    Prince of ex
    Standard...ized Tests

  8. love the queen ann's lace. great answers, too. :)

  9. Nice Baby's Breath :D

    Zoo :Animals:
    Neighborhood :Neighbors:
    Salute :Army:
    Immortality :Forever:
    Dominion :Dominating:
    Rhonda :Who?:
    Parties :Crazy!:
    Prince of Darkness :Devil:
    Garbage :Smelly:
    Standard :Average:

  10. Looks like you're in a halloween mood.

    Mine are ::here::.

    Have a relaxed week.

  11. 1. Zoo :: Animals
    2. Neighborhood :: Sesame Street
    3. Salute :: Flag
    4. Immortality :: Vampire
    5. Dominion :: Dictator
    6. Rhonda :: Help me!
    7. Parties :: Cake
    8. Prince of Darkness :: evil
    9. Garbage :: I think of the band Garbage, I really like their music!
    10. Standard :: Standardized tests

  12. LOVE the Queen Anne's Lace. Never in MO at the right time to see it anymore.

    1. Zoo :: Smell
    2. Neighborhood :: Halloween
    3. Salute :: Flag
    4. Immortality :: Heaven
    5. Dominion :: Kingdom
    6. Rhonda :: cousin
    7. Parties :: boring
    8. Prince of Darkness :: evil
    9. Garbage :: Smell
    10. Standard :: oil