Monday, October 6, 2008

Days of Summer

Before it turned chilly we ran up to Door County for a little exploration.


There were several gulls around but I thought this Herring Gull was pretty funny standing on a rock.


Scratching his itch while Lake Michigan waves crashed into his rock.


And his friend enjoyed the waves nearby. While many gulls migrate south for the winter a good many of the Herring Gulls stay along the Great Lake coasts.



I am not sure if this juvenile gull is a Herring Gull or a Ring-billed Gull since both were present and both juveniles look similar. It takes four years for a Herring Gull to attain his adult plumage and only three years for the Ring-billed.


Uh-oh, be careful Mr Ring-billed, don’t fall off your rock. Notice his yellowish legs? Did you notice the Herring’s are pink? Knowing that, which one do you think that is in the background?


Were you right?


The Ring-billed Gull can be found all over the state in the summer but during winter he returns to the lakeshores.


Bye-bye Gull! *waving*


Hello, sexy! *smooches*


You’re getting a little close now, maybe I should start backing up.  Run!


  1. These are wonderful, Lisa. You capture the dignity of these wily creatures!

  2. OMG....I SOOOOOOO want your camera!!! AND your camera skills!! You Rock, Lisa!

  3. Beautiful shots. I love the "Bye Bye Gull" photo.

  4. I didn't get a chance to get to Lake Michigan this summer... :( I'm hoping to make it before it snows...or maybe after...I could get great shots at either time!

  5. Lovely shots. Nice of him to be so willing to pose :-)

  6. OOHh I love the gulls!! they always seem to come out to the field when Grizzly is chisel plowing!! I have always wanted to catch one and pet it!!!
    Thanks for tyour sweet words. We are so sad.hard to beleive.

  7. It's a great area, isn't it? Haven't been for awhile, you make me want to travel more. It's really a cool place (no pun) in the winter too, though.

  8. Awesome shots of that ostrich.

  9. These are very fun shots! The on in flight is beautiful. I love to watch the sea gulls and take photos of them. They can be so funny. I'll put some on my blog one of these days.

  10. WOW.... I seem to come here and just become speechless..your talent rocks.

  11. I love the one when he's almost falling off the rock with his wings entangled,my favourite one, but they're all great shots!

  12. We were up in Door a few weeks ago too. Isn't it just grand?

    Sorry I missed Macro Monday, let's just say I had some issues the past few days. :O

  13. LOL! Yes they can be very entertaining to watch! I however, hate it when people feed them! It can be likened to an air raid with no bomb shelter!

  14. Geeeez Lisa, once again....

    Beautiful pictures!!

  15. these are wonderful!! i love them.

  16. Great photos, Lisa! Definitely National Geographic worthy ;)

  17. Marvelous 'gull' series today! Looking at your photos makes me want to stop and watch the 'gulls' around here to see how they're similar and different. We have seagulls all year round ... pigeons too ... in such numbers that there's a tendency to look PAST them and/or view them as pests rather than interesting studies. Thanks for opening my eyes today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. I just love your pictures!!! You really capture the moment!!!! These aren't very pretty birds but your photography made them pretty!!!!!! =)

  19. I love watching gulls. Your pictures are fabulous. I almost could hear them making all their racket!

  20. our "pops" loved a shot of whiskey in the evening when he camped. (He's been gone since 1993)
    Once at the beach he dipped a slice of bread in some and fed it to a gull.
    Gram was just appalled. The gull began to fly erratically, then swooped low and pooped big time on Pops.