Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Every week I play along in Storyteller's comments with her "mutterings" and I thought I'd like to give Unconscious Mutterings a shot.  You can mutter along with me in the comments or on your own blog, if'n ya ahnt ta. ;)

  1. Insight :: vision

  2. Irksome :: annoying

  3. Maybe :: might

  4. Confirmation :: nod

  5. Bib :: baby

  6. Stop! :: Now!

  7. Lobster :: ocean

  8. Boys :: sons

  9. Fire away :: shoot

  10. Give up :: surrender

things are looking up

You don't have to give one word answers, you can have a longer response (it's encouraged) but I tend to just have one word. Your turn. :)


  1. This is one very cool pic Lisa! I Love it!! We have a birch tree right outside our front door. Every time we have an ice storm, the poor thing gets pretty messed up, but so far it has lasted.

  2. Thanks for the linky-love and I’m delighted you’ve decided to participate on your blog … seriously! I also appreciate the hilarious comment you left at Small Reflections earlier. Seems we have a few in common, but I particularly like your responses to #1 and 3 … and the perspective on this tree is WONDERFUL!
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. You're the first one who leaves the lobster in the ocean.

    You can find mine ::here::.

    Have a great week!

  4. This looks like fun:
    1. Insight::knowledge from experience
    2. Irksome::nuisance
    3. Maybe:: Maybe not
    4. Confirmation::promise
    5. Bib:: Grandpa's overalls
    6. Stop!::Now!
    7. Lobster::tails and drawn butter
    8. Boys::majority of my family
    9. Fire away::Hit me with your best shot (Pat Benatar)
    10. Give up:: Quit

    Love the tree, too!

  5. Nice answers! I like the look of your blog. Have a great week!

  6. yep... maybe i'd join the fun here, too!

    1. Insight:: something seen from within
    2. Irksome::my neighbor
    3. Maybe:: many people died of this
    4. Confirmation::a salesman's amen!
    5. Bib:: yuk!
    6. Stop!::red light
    7. Lobster::expensive messy non-hunger-satisfying-but-ego shells, not food!
    8. Boys::beer
    9. Fire away::fart
    10. Give up:: try again

  7. That's fun, Lisa! And that's a beautiful birch.

  8. Cool! I want to play too! I'll post mine later this evening :-)

  9. Lisa, we agreed on number 10! Mine is up here.

    Will you be participating in Fun Monday this week!? Cause I'm hosting!

    I love the tree photo. What an awesome shot!

    Have a great week.

  10. That photo is just amaaaazing!

  11. Cool photo!

    Insight :: discernment
    Irksome :: barking dog
    Maybe :: going crazy
    Confirmation :: 8th grade
    Bib :: spitup
    Stop! :: Or else!
    Lobster :: Maine
    Boys :: surrounded ;)
    Fire away :: shoot
    Give up :: surrender

  12. I quit! To much thinking involved! Have to keep my 3 working braincells together.;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  13. 1. Insight :: knowledge
    2. Irksome :: T eating all the chocolate!
    3. Maybe :: perhaps
    4. Confirmation :: waiting
    5. Bib :: netball
    6. Stop! :: sign
    7. Lobster :: red
    8. Boys :: here come the
    9. Fire away :: ready
    10. Give up :: walk away

    Strange the things that come to mind! Number 8 is a song in case you wondered :) Fabulous photo makes me want to climb it.

  14. I like the mutterings, Lisa! are mine:-)

    Insight :: Unique perspective on something, often from personal experience - more valuable than any other advice
    Irksome :: Definition changes daily. Currently: People who take a bath in cologne before boarding the Monday AM commuter bus.
    Maybe :: Definitely
    Confirmation :: Catholic sacrament OR vital piece of paperwork
    Bib :: I still need one sometimes, especially while wearing light khakis and eating a dish with hot sauce (!!)
    Stop! :: Right now!
    Lobster :: Ick! Yuck! (Don't like shellfish, sorry...)
    Boys :: Will be boys
    Fire away :: Thanks to Barb (above), all I can think about is Pat Benatar
    Give up :: The ghost

  15. Someone else was on his/her back.

  16. I love LOVE this photo!!

    Insight :: understanding
    Irksome :: bothersome
    Maybe :: we'll see
    Confirmation :: Delivery
    Bib :: Drool, overhauls
    Stop! :: Go!
    Lobster :: tail
    Boys :: wild
    Fire away :: hit me with your best shot
    Give up :: Give in