Friday, August 1, 2008

Stop and smell the flowers

Well, I had this idea for a post rattling around in my head but since I haven't made it happen yet due to my fun getting the colonoscopy yesterday, you get one I had in draft instead.  This was the easiest colonoscopy I've had and I've had 5 in 3 years!  It was a breeze and the doctor says everything looks good.  I did not hear back with the results of my PET Scan but am hoping to find out how the rest of my body is doing on Monday.  Keeps those wishes/prayers/thoughts coming please.  Hopefully, I'll get an all clear there too.


I happened to have a couple of empty pots sitting around and decided to find a few plants to fill them with.


We bought this pot in the southwest on our first vacation together six years. Somehow it has survived a few moves.


Pretty and dainty.



Little ray of sunshine.


Look at those tiny little bugs. Are they aphids?



I've had two people tell me they have had trouble emailing my new address, they are getting an error message.  If you have a second could you try sending me an email at lisa at lisaschaos dot com - or use the handy form up above?  Thanx!  Glad everyone is liking the new digs!  Have you had a chance to poke around?  What's your favorite part?


  1. your blog is FANTASTIC!!! i really like the look of it! thanks so much for visiting my blog. after a crazy bloggy carnival week full of new visitors to my blog - it's gone quiet today because internet explorer won't load my page! i have no idea how many people that excludes, but not you - so yay! absolutely gorgeous flowers btw - i'm assuming you're the photographer?

  2. Never disappointing...I come here often just for the smiles.
    I hope you did get an all clear for all testing....sorry you are having problems.
    Beautiful floral shots. Beautiful!!
    Hugs TJ

  3. That first photo is superb...and I got a chuckle from the little purple one all folded up...I think it's talking like a gangster :-) Very happy to hear things are going well on the health front! Will keep positive thoughts flowing!

  4. Hi, Lisa! I’m so glad the colonoscopy went well. From what I hear the partial is actually harder than the full version. I think they don’t put you all the way out for the partial or something. When my time comes, KNOCK ME OUT! I’ll keep you in my prayers for the PET scan results as well.

    I like your new space too! It’s a lot easier to read. The fact that me and my crazy eyesight kept coming back to your old blog is a testament to how much I enjoyed it - even if I had a hard time reading it. This one is much better that way!

    Well, I hope this shows up in your inbox. Have a wonderful weekend! I’m off to mow the grass!

    (OKAY - the email thing didn't work for me. Told me I couldn't do line breaks or certain words (none of which I used) in the Name or Email fields. Something definitely funky going on there. I'll try the regular email address and see if that works.)

  5. Really beautiful pictures. I love them all!

  6. Happy to hear that so far things are looking good. Whew! Still keeping you in my thoughts, though :)

    Yeah, I think those are aphids...I cannot wait for the day I can afford a really nice camera and do some macros. they are my favorite.

  7. WONDERFUL news my friend - and the shots ain't bad either! :)

    *raises glass*

  8. I'm so glad everything went so well!
    I'll keep sending you good vibes, and I'm looking forward to read the " everything is okay" post!
    Love the pictures!

  9. Wow - the are gorgeous!
    Your new email worked for me...
    Cheers, Klaus

  10. I'm glad Friday wasn't too much of a pain in the ass LOL (Sorry - I just couldn't resist)
    Your new site is gorgeous! I love how clean and inviting it is. She really did a great job.
    I like that old pot. It looks so pretty sitting there with the flowers.
    Your contest is driving me nuts LOL I find myself thinking What's in Lisa's drawer at the strangest times LOL I looked in the bottom drawer of mine and found baby teeth, a key, a tiny seashell and a dead bug. I saw some of those guesses so I must not be the only one LOL

  11. Love the macros. I was watching a video on a photo blog about making a poor (wo)man's macro lens using two you already have. I have no idea what that man was talking about. I took the only two lenses I have and tried what I thought he was saying and got nothing.

    In case you are interested or would like to translate into english for me. (haha)

  12. I'm happy all went smoothly with the colonoscopy and with such good results. Hope the rest of the tests come back clear too. I love your flowers always ... and (as I've said before many times) I appreciate the new blog immensely ... especially the light background making it easier for me to read and see what's here. Hope you're having a lovely weekend even though you're having issues with the folks at Sprint.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. These pictures are all fabulous. I missed them somehow when I was gone. Glad I found them!