Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unexpected beauty

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

A few weeks ago, I went with hubby to work. For those of you who don’t know, he travels a lot and spends most of his time on the road. He had to make a quick trip to Marshfield and I tagged along. During our trip he got an unexpected conference call that lasted almost two hours, but he managed to pull into a park and I got out and walked the trails with my camera.


The sky wasn’t really good for bird photos that day but I tried anyway. I think this is a female red-winged blackbird, but don’t hold me to that.


Her mate?


There were tons of little goldfinch.


Even a curious one.


This little fly/gnatcatcher was quiet but I spy!


Too bad the branch was in front of her, or him.


The colors of this one were so much brighter in person, kinda a reddish brown. I just love the pattern on it’s body.


Not sure what this lady is but I should be able to look her up.


She didn’t stick around long. But maybe our clue to learning to fly lays with the way she’s holding her feet.


We see you; you’re not as hidden as you think.


I think this is some sort of wren. There were several and they were noisy. Their sounds reminded me of a snake warning my away, but they stayed hopping around deep in the bushes and clicking away.


I took some time to smell some flowers.



Sometimes, you don’t have to be prepared for beauty, it just lands in your lap via a missed turn or a husband on his cell phone.

This was the same day I was serenaded by the bobolink for the first (only) time.


  1. They are such pretty pictures! I really like how the birds AND the flowers were yellow. :)

  2. Lisa, you find beauty where ever you go. And I can't believe the great shots you capture on a whim. Wonderful!!

    I thought of you when I was posting my bird pics today. :)

  3. Lisa, thank you for sharing. yeah, beauty is everywhere waiting for you to catch it. :D

  4. I'm glad he missed the turn. Look what we got from you! Gorgeous, Lisa.

  5. Great bird pictures, Lisa. I love the way red-winged blackbirds post themselves as sentinels on branches or posts.

  6. I love the one of the bird taking flight...what a beautiful wing span!

  7. What a great set of images! Wonderful!
    Cheers, Klaus

  8. I lov ethat BIG yellow flower!!!!!

  9. Beautiful photos. I especially like the bright colors of the goldfinches.

  10. A two-hour call would be annoying, but how wonderful that you had this opportunity! Very nice post.

  11. that is a lot of great photos. Not too bad tagging along when it turns out like this :-)
    I love the black bird. It's not one I have seen before.

  12. OOHh that one with the wing out..spectacular!!! I can't get over how beautiful those flowers are when you photo graph them!!

  13. Wow! Fabulous photos! What beautiful birds!

  14. What great shots of the birds. I like them..
    I came over to check out Fun Monday but silly me I won't be able to play this week cuz we're driving from Seattle to LA and it renders me brain dead for at least 2 days..
    Have fun this weekend and on Fun Monday!

  15. Wonderful photos, as always! I love all the bird shots, since "birding" is very popular on the island I live on. One of the tourists who stayed at my parents inn went out on a little day trip and identified, listed, and photographed 25 + different types of birds. I can't remember the total # he saw that entire weekend.

  16. Love the Sunny yellow ones. Beautiful,especially the Goldfinches. Can you imagine how bright they would be, if there was a mass gathering of them!?

    have a great weekend, Lisa!

  17. awesome pics lisa! a good day out!

  18. made excellent use of your time. The photos are wonderful. Altough I don't think that surprises anyone!

  19. Beautiful shots. You got some amazing photos there.

  20. Wow these are beautiful. how neat to be able to find all these beautiful birds