Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hummingbirds on the Ice Age Trail (Chippewa)

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I am almost positive I have never talked about the Ice Age Trail we have in Wisconsin but it really is impressive.

Over 12,00 years ago, mountainous flows of glacial ice sculpted a unique and remarkably beautiful landscape across Wisconsin.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a thousand-mile footpath — entirely within Wisconsin — that celebrates the legacy of the Ice Age. Diverse geological features along the Trail rank among the finest examples of continental glaciation anywhere in the world. Beyond any textbook, the Ice Age Trail lets us see and touch glacial history.

Quoted from Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation


Even if you add all of our hiking up, we have only hiked a small portion of the trail over the years. One day we set out to hike a 4.5 mile loop in the Chippewa Moraine Ice Area because we heard there had been several bear there the day before. We weren’t lucky enough to see one but we enjoyed our hike, saw some nesting Great Blue Herons and explored the Interpretive Center.


While we missed seeing the bears we did enjoy watching all the hummingbirds coming to feed at the feeders near the interpretive center. So the day was not a total loss.













  1. Stunning shots Lisa. The Ice Age trail sounds fascinating.

  2. Looks like my frolicking group of hummers have some cousins up there :-) Great shots of them! Interesting too to learn about the trail...and have I told you how much I love your new look?!

  3. That is just awesome! So many of them. And I - SOB - never even saw one. Wonderful!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. I love this entry.
    Those tiny blessings show up great in your pics.
    Thanks for the smiles.

  5. DEFINITELY not a total loss! Beautiful hummingbird pictures!

  6. I don't think I've ever seen so many hummingbirds in one spot! Amazing!

  7. Wow! Those hummingbirds are incredible! I've never seen more than one or two at a time. They look so tiny and delicate. The trail sounds like very interesting hiking. We're always looking for bears when we're in the woods but I haven't decided what we'll do if we actaully see one LOL

  8. So I am wondering and wondering where oh where my pal Lisa has gone, and it figures that during my computer troubles from hades she up and moves her site and I do not catch the post. I am so GLAD I found you.

  9. OOHHH I so love your new look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it love it!!
    That sounds like an interesting place to see I wonder if Cousin Bec has ever been there?

  10. OOHH forgot to add beautiful Humming bird pics!! never seen one that close!!

  11. There are soooo many of them! How odd to see them as actual birds...I've only seen them as a colorful little body with a blur on either side of them.

    AND...your new look is amazing!


    You have a lil something~something over at my blog!


  13. Beautiful photos Lisa!
    I'm a little confused - I got an email alert for this entry under blogcity. Will I get all you updates by email now for the new blog?

  14. Did you know it is because of that glacier that you have such wonderful, black, rich soil there? Or at least you did before industrialization came about.

  15. Look at all those hummingbirds, holy cow. I guess I never thought about the Ice Age Trail except for the immediate area and I don't bike like I used to. You hike it you say? I should look it over again.
    Every time I see a hummingbird I think it's some weird insect. They're about the size of a WI mosquito, right?

  16. these are amazing! good zoom lens no? i have a canon 400D - how bout u?

  17. Very nice little birds! I would imagine it was not easy getting hummingbirds..... but they were eating.

  18. I forgot how fascinating hummingbirds are. Your photos are mezmerizing.

  19. Oh, I so love hummingbirds. We had one that would come to nest in our outdoor chandelier for the past few years. It was so fun to watch her tend to her eggs and then watch her babies grow. She didn't come this year and we were all so sad. These pictures are really beautiful.

  20. THESE are beyond STUNNING. Please tell me (a) was this a telephoto and (b) did you use a tripod? The exposure is PERFECT!


  21. gorgeous!
    I love hummingbirds and have wanted a feeder for so long. What's stopping me??
    Love your blog, the look, the photos, everything.
    You take great shots!
    Thanks for visiting me, nice to meet you, Lisa.
    Hope that your colonoscopy results are all negative and clear, as well as the other tests.

  22. I'm not kidding you....
    Each weekend we are up at the lake house and I see a bird "I THINK OF YOU" and I know you were be right there with yoru camera getting GREAT pictures!!!

    A few weekends back I was sooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED to see a hummingbird!!! Now I want to setup a feeder!!!!! =) I think hummingbirds are my FAVORITE bird!!!!!!!!

  23. Amazing photos. I wish I could get pics of my Male Anna like that. He is a being a mighty protector of his feeder right now and not allowing ANYONE else in.

  24. canon 400d...

    Suggestion for All-in-one Printer, scanner, copier for home use?...

  25. There's a little hummingbird that seems to live in my backyard and flies around all the time. It's so pretty!