Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kill dear. Kill deer. Killdeer.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek



Remember this handsome fellow? Remember how I wanted to see the babies, yellow cotton balls on stilts? Well that didn’t happen.


But, we pulled into a boat landing and were greeted by two young Killdeer. They were less than half the size of the adult.  They are quick little boogers but you should be able to see the second ones’ butt on the right hand side.


They kept running along the short shore, back and forth and back and forth.


Now, picture me with my long lens going back and forth, trying to keep up with them. I’m sure it was a funny sight! Mama was in the air nearby but she never tried to attack me.


He searched for a way to get away. He looked at the water momentarily, then went back to his back and forth running.  Isn't that the cutest fuzzy butt?!


He thought about running between my legs but decided against it.


Then he asked nicely to pass, so of course I let him.


He did pause and pose long enough for one decent shot. I thanked him for his time and off he sprinted.


I whistled at his long sexy legs as he trotted past.



  1. Adorable picture of this little guy !!

  2. Oh my, how cute is this fella! I can just imagine him scurrying around...

  3. Wonderful series! Once I had a little family living outside my office window, which was partially in the basement so the window was at ground level. No pictures, but it's the only time I've seen the babies up close. These are great!

  4. Never knew these birds were so cute. Nice catch.

  5. Too darn cute! I forgot to tell you how much I love the new look. Fabulous, darling!

  6. Oh what a cutie! I can imagine the "back and forth" with the lens! These are wonderful!!!

  7. Lol for whistling! Great shots - they are cute as buttons!
    Well done!
    Cheers, Klaus

  8. Those little guys are just too cute. I love that furry little body on top of those gangly legs LOL Great shots!

  9. YOU DID AWESOME Lisa! I've tried to shoot these guys before and MAN are they aggressive (and fast, and noisy). So I'm thinking you nailed it. Then again, after those stunning hummingbird shots, I'm not suprised!

  10. Awesome pictures! I especially love the 3rd one from the bottom. The bit of green in the corner really makes his colors more dramatic and contrast more with the brown stones in the background. I'm sure you were quite the site running back and forth. :) But your pictures are wonderful!

  11. What a lovely bird. You have some great photos here, Lisa. That first one makes quite a portrait.

  12. Oh, I love killdeer! Never seen babies though.

  13. Look at those skinny little legs.

  14. Ae! Killdeer are one of my favorites. Those mommies will do anything to distract your attention from her little ones....
    Thanks for the smiles.

  15. Oh, they are so cute. I do love the little fuzzy butts. Great shots.

  16. We love to watch them!! We usally have a family at the end of our drive way...but very wierd not this year!! great photos!!

  17. I love those babies. Last year we spotted a brand new family in April -- very early! They looked like cotton ball on stilts. Mama would chirp and they would run under her body and she would cover them.

    I love Killdeer because they were my dads favorite bird.

  18. Nice Killdeer photos. I like the spider shots also.

    Come visit sometime,
    Troy and Martha