Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leopard Lily falls while SeeSawing

colorful morning

Well okay, I admit it, this photo is from last fall. But I tell ya, with all the yellows and reds I’m starting to see amongst the green it won’t be long and this’ll be here. This makes some people kinda cranky because they know. . .


. . .these days aren’t far behind. (side note - the snow was knee deep in areas and when I fell, somehow twisted my legs and could not get up, Dennis took the camera from around my neck and snapped before helping me up)


Thanx to Misti and SwampAngel, I now know that my mystery plant is a Leopard Lily (Ledebouria socialis) and it comes from South Africa. I love how full it is getting but am feeling a little guilty, like maybe I should divide it up.



This little sweetheart has given me my newest nickname, and I have to say it is one of my favorites. In fact, I like my new name SO much that I thought about changing my blog to SeeSaw’s Chaos. SeeSaw describes me in more ways than she could possible understand right now.


My tv and my bed swapped places and now the tv seems so far away, how in the heck can that be?


Tristan and his mom and dad left for vacation a few days ago, they made it to Chicago about 9pm and then a very panicked Britney rang my phone. She was the most hysterical I have ever heard! They were on the I90 toll way when their car died, just died in the one of the middle lanes. Well, it was dark and they had no clue if their lights were working and she was terrified they were going to be rear-ended.


I absolutely understand her fear and my stomach quickly turned to think of them being in that situation and me being four hours away and unable to help. A police officer did come along and help them get out of the way. To keep a long story short, there were lots of phone calls and a trip to an auto store, where it was determined to be the fuel filter that was causing issues and by midnight they were back on the road.

After the long drive to Pennsylvania Tristan wants nothing else to do with the car. I sure hope he can handle it one more time to come back home, I’m missing the little booger!


Yes, smelling the flowers means putting the flower in your eye!  Have you been doing it right?


  1. First, you are the best SeeSaw *ever*. Secondly, i am glad you discovered the name of your plant. i idid google it yesterday, but gave up ;0) And third, i always smell with my eye.

  2. Of course, a tiger lily...I can see why.
    Glad no mishap to Tristan with the car being stalled!
    Have no clue why your tv seems further away other than our eyes/brains play tricks on us. Probably after a period of acclimation, it'll seem the same.
    The little girl is as cute as they come. Seesaw was chosen why? I know why you think it a good one, but what prompted it in her mind I wonder?

  3. I love photo's of children doing what kids do best.
    They are natural beauty's and these photos are great!!
    They make you smile.
    Have a wonderful day...we have rain coming and the feel of fall is in the air.
    Great shots kiddo.
    Love TJ

  4. It's already turning autumn here too. Sigh. We shall see what kind of a winter we will get.
    SeeSaw - how fitting :D! I love that name :)
    And yucks with the broke down car, glad all went well!
    I love that first Tristan shot - gorgeous!

  5. The pictures of children are fabulous. Love your new name. And the being stuck on the highway in the dark is horrible. Those law enforcement guys are always helpful, though.

    And about autumn? It's my favorite season, but since I l in the desert, summer is a VERY CLOSE (possibly equal) second. Winter here is a crap shoot. Usually not knee deep snow, but last winter was long and cold. So I'm not rushing autumn at all. I'm always miserable when school starts and the pool closes. I don't start to get over that until after Labor Day. I guess that's enough time to accept it.

  6. LOL - Hi SeeSaw! Good name! Wonderful pictures - I love the first of kids pics!
    Cheers, Klaus

  7. So glad your daughter is safe! And Tristan has proven that there's something new to learn every day. I shall have to apply his method. I like the posture especially.

  8. That's a great plant name, now I want one. If from Africa, what's it doing in Plover?
    Hey, enough of those photos. The outdoor swimming pool closed yesterday and because of Jeanna's chaos I missed it. Wahhhhh.

  9. I think when kids give you a name it is more precious than the one your own mother gives you.. I'm BB

  10. Love the photos - the one with little gal and the hari clip - with th ewind catching her hai r- AAAWESOME!

  11. anglophilefootballfanatic.comAugust 28, 2008 at 7:26 AM

    I love the new nickname. SeeSaw is totally you, too. I hope Tristan & the crew arrive back to keep you entertained very soon.

  12. That lily is gorgeous! I'm almost envious of the idea of fall coming so soon for you. It will be close to Christmas before we see any cool weather and it's usually Jan or Feb before you can tell it's winter out LOL Actually, I would like to visit snow but am pretty sure I'd freeze to death if I had to stay too long.
    The car dying on the interstate must have been scary. I know they were glad to be back on their way. Hopefully Tristan will have forgotten about the long ride before it's time to do it again LOL

    I nominated you for a blog award so stop by and pick it up if you'd like!

  13. That is a really pretty plant! I've never seen one like that!!!

    I like SeeSaw! That is tooooooooooooooooo CUTE! Change your blog if you like it that much!!!!

    It's still sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT here! No sign of fall....ANY WHERE!!!!!!! I wished it would cool off!!!!!

    Did you hear about the BIG HUGE storm that might hit us?!?!?! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo FREAKED out!!!! =(

    I like the snow pic! HA! That is a funny story! Very nice of Dennis!!! lol =)

  14. I'm glad I could help you out! I got the email and immdiately knew what it was but had to think in my head for a minute what the name was! LOL brain was processing slow!

    Fall is coming and I am ready!!

  15. Awesome photos. I am glad they were okay after the car breakdown. That little girl is gorgeous. I can relate to Seesaw occasionally myself.

  16. So many things came to mind while reading your post... I'll just leave you with this one. :-)

  17. I do love the fall colors in the first one … and the last is just too precious for wordz … seriously! All the rest are wonderful too. Glad you found out what the ‘mystery’ plant is and am relieved everyone was okay after the car mishap.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. OOHh how scary!!
    I so love those adorable photos!! just so very very cute!!! and what a man to take your pick for ya!!! :)~
    I can't wait for the kids to be playing in the snow!!! and that tree shot man ooh man!! very pretty!

  19. I love that last is priceless!!

    I am glad they are OK, and safe.