Thursday, August 21, 2008

On cellophane wings

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

It’s funny that before I saw the world through the lens of my camera, I never noticed how many different dragonflies there are. The camera allows me to see tiny details that I would have otherwise unnoticed.  To admire beauty so oft overlooked.


One shimmering gold and one dazzling red.



Forever frozen for a moment, although flighty through my eyes.


Fluttering gold dust on a blade of grass.


Wings like the web from a spider.


Or a body of coal with paper-thin translucent propellers.


Pastel shades of Easter eggs nearly the size of a hummingbird with fluttering gossamer.


Indecisive, stripes of chalk dust.


Clear with black and blue.


Or wider stripes of black fading into pale blue then clear.


Fighting, or frolicking?


Mystifying, magical, cellophane wings on a fairy body covered in pixie dust.


Psst - It's my hubby, Dennis', birthday today (Friday) and he's finally caught up with me.  Yeah, I married a younger man, even if he is only 6 months younger.  I tell him this means that he has to listen to me cuz I'm older and wiser. ;)


  1. Those photographs are absolutely stunning. I never knew there were so many different dragonflies.

    ***Swampy clears her throat ***A-Hem***
    ***She begins to sing***

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Hubby
    Happy Birthday to You.

    Second Verse:
    Hope your laundry gets washed
    Unable to run machine is a farce
    Your head she should squash
    Hope your laundry gets washed.

    (I wanted to use the word "sloshed" but it's just too late to be creative. This is the best I can do.)

  2. Amazing dragonflies. Just amazing. So many wonderful, close, detailed shots.

    Happy Birthday to your husband. I love your "older and wiser" logic!

  3. You're so right about seeing more through the camera lens! These are a great example of that, Lisa. Such intricate detail you've captured.

  4. I want your camera! Those photos are astounding! You should be publishing them in magazines! Thanks for sharing them!! I love them!

    And Happy B-day to the Hubby!


  5. Amazing shots and reflection! Happy Birthday to your husband.

  6. Wow. You and mamageek have amazing photog abilities...not to mention AWESOME lenses. I NEED one of those, for real.

  7. Yes, it's true...taking pictures makes you more attentive to the things around us. I loved the pics and your comments with them. That one picture of the two dragonflies fighting or frolicking is SUPER!

  8. Gorgeous series! i too see differently now that i have fallen in love with photography. I see in terms of dark and light even when i don't have my camera with me!

  9. Your photos never cease to amaze me. They are magnificent! Thanks for sharing, I love dragonfly photos!

  10. You KNOW I agree with you. These were beauitful Lisa, such fantastic detail.

    Happy Birthday to the older half of the Chaos! :)

  11. Those photos are amazing! Happy Birthday to your husband.

  12. Happy B-day to the young Dennis! ;) And congrats on these gorgeous Dragonflies! Wonderful!
    Cheers, Klaus

  13. WOW - amazing photos - what kind of camera and lens do you use?

  14. Those are spectacular. I love dragonflies. Beautiful PSF.

  15. These are incredible photos!!

    Dragonflies were pesks to me as a kid, but your photos make me appreciate them a little. :)

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  16. awesome photos with great focus :-)

    Sometimes big wonders can be found in tiny things. These are really cool

  17. Wow! I never noticed the differences in dragonflies. Of course - here on the dry plains - we rarely see any....but living beside a lake we use to see a lot! They are wonderful little creatures aren't they?

    Congratulations or commiserations to the hubby. He can take his pick.

  18. Fabulous shots of the dragonfiles! I've noticed also that I "see" differently through my lens :)

  19. those are great pictures. I don't think I ever really noticed the many different colors of dragon fly wings!

  20. Hey you know who is doing Fun Monday this week? If you do, could you please let me know?

  21. Wow that is so true. I've never realized how beautiful dragonflies' wings were. These are great!

  22. Absoultely stunning!! I can't get over how you capture all that!!!
    psss...I was thinking 3some???? eeewwwww!!

    Have a Wonderful Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ah man, Lisa...when I can actually see them being still they are nice looking creatures. Still weird, but nice looking :)

    Tell Dennis Happy Birthday!!

  24. Hello, Lisa. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back often. I'm so glad I came over to see yours! How did you know I l-o-v-e dragonflies? :-) What beautiful photos! I've captured some pretty good shots of butterflies, hummingbirds, and other birds, but the dragonflies aren't as common and so very elusive. What camera/lens did you use for these? I have the Canon 40D and love it! A few weeks ago I got a macro lens and really like that effect. I'm getting braver about moving in closer, especially around the bees --- allergic. So I am very proud of my first shots of the rose of Sharon. (several are on Flickr). I enjoy your work and plan to visit your site often. Nice to meet you!

  25. Those are just awesome!!! Wow. I would love to get a new camera because I would love to caught photos like this. My mom has a great garden and I was trying to get a pic of the big huge bees on the flowers. But I just have a little cheap point and shoot. Someday. :) In the meantime, I will enjoy your great pics.

  26. Oh and I forgot.... Happy (one day late) bday to your hubby! I hope it was great.

  27. Cool dragonflies! Very colorful. I didn't know they came in such a wide variety.

  28. ok, now i SO need to buy a macro lens!!! everyone has one but ME!!!

  29. Happy belated birthday to your husband! Looking at your dragonfly photos makes me think I need a new camera with a macro lens so that I can notice ‘details’ like this too … but until then, I’ll enjoy the wonderful photos YOU share and note the details 2nd hand. Thank you for the glimpses …
    Hugs and blessings,

  30. I miss you, Lisa...your photography is absolutely stunning (buggy or not!).


  31. Well, I missed your birthday. I hope it was a great one (like your photos).