Friday, August 22, 2008

Nature Lover


I love getting out in nature, but I guess you guys already knew that.




What in the heck are these?


This little one was almost overlooked. As I watched I wondered what it was doing. I wonder if “she” was laying eggs. Do dragonflies lay eggs?




If you could float the world in a dragonfly body which one would you choose?


  1. I don't know if they lay eggs ornot, but they are beautiful,Lisa!!
    That would be a very nice idea, to float the world in the body of a dragonfly!

  2. More great dragonfly pictures!

  3. Great photos! I love the second one - it really shows the color in the wings. I have to say that's the body I would pick. It would be cool to be a dragonfly for a day.

  4. I am just amazed at the clarity you get. My camera could never capture any of those shots, I need a better one...I think Allen is aware of that though and might try to get me one for Christmas, if so I plan to pass this one down to Nikolaus, he loves to shoot photos too.
    Any trips my way soon? Love to get together and meet over some coffee.

  5. usual! What in the world was that red thing? I've never seen anything like it in my life! I got a pic of some strange caterpillar last week that literally was as fat as a quarter and as large as the span of my wrist to the tip of my middle finger. It was HUGE! And it had horns! *eeek* I would love to be a dragon fly with that turquoise color!

  6. I'd choose to be that red one. So beautiful. I would hope I would just float and not have a mosquito diet, however!

    Beautiful post.

  7. Ooh, I'd pick the sleek black one in the chic outfit. It's so not me!

  8. I love the red dragonflies. They are so pretty. How on earth did you get them to sit still long enough to get such a great shot?

  9. Great images! Wow!
    Let me see if I can help with some ID's:
    Pic 1 = Colorado Potato Beetle
    Pic 2&3 = Brown Spotted Yellow Wing
    Pic 4 = Pass! ;)
    Pic 5 = Short stalked Damselfly (Not 100%, though)
    Pic 6 = Ebony Jewelwing female
    Pic 7 = Dot-tailed Whiteface
    Pic 8 = Ebony Jewelwing male

    Just a note on Dragon vs. Damselflies. The latter have their wings folded over their
    backs, while the former have them spread. Damselflies are generally smaller and more
    fragile with a thinner, proportionally longer body. The eye section stands out much more
    than at Dragonflies.

    Cheers, Klaus

  10. I love dragonflies, etc. They are so cool. I heard a story once that if a dragonfly comes to you, it is a loved one that has passed. They are just checking on you, keeping watch. :)

    I would like to be the last type, I think. I would definitely fly all over. I love water.

  11. These are absolutely stunning photographs Lisa

  12. Klaus is right that that is a damselfly rather than a dragonfly (the one on the pond) and about the differences between dragonflies and damselflies. They both do lay eggs, though I don't know that that's what this damselfly is doing. It's a good guess though. I've found damselfly and dragonfly nymphs when doing stream studies with the JASON Expedition class I helped teach. Great photos!

  13. hi Lisa. just wanted to check in and say hi. I've had a hard time getting around to everyone lately.

  14. Lisa!!! Where DO you find all these super cool things to photograph?? They are awesome!

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  16. I can’t help but wonder how many of these little critters I miss when I’m out walking Molly these days. She’s into everything and takes much of my attention to keep us both safe. The colors in the 2nd and 3rd photos are my favorites … though the one on the water is so delicate that it draws my attention too. How 'kewl' that Klaus stopped to enlighten us with his comment ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Number five - I like the translucent wings and I love purple!

    I also like the notion that if they come to you, it's a loved one who has passed checking up on you. When I went tubing a couple of months ago tons of dragonflies kept landing on me. My mom passed away almost a year ago...

    I love all your photos! Don't stop shooting...

  18. I def. have beetle and for sure dragonfly envy here!
    Gosh they are gorgeous!
    I would chose the first dragonfly!

  19. I hope you killed that vicious potato bug. Evil, evil creatures.

  20. 'Course, maybe I'm biased growing up on a potato farm.

  21. That first dragonfly had the most amazing wings!

    by the way, I tried to answer your recent comment on my blog via email, but as usual, it wasn't able to be delivered.

    You said: You spend tons of time with other bloggers - how fun!

    I replied: I think that you get to know someone well reading their blog...and if you can relate to them via their blog, you're going to mesh in person as well. Two I met have become very good friends!

  22. Klaus is correct on that first photo. I took a similar photo and my mother id's it for me. Aren't they beautiful (in their own way)? Here's my photo:

    I love your blog!

  23. Gorgeous photos as usual. I've never seen the lady bugs with stripes before.