Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playing Ketchup

camp angel1182

Today I'm playing ketchup, er, um . . .catch-up.

  • Although our vacation has been over since the first of June, and I have all the supplies I need, I have not even started the scrapbook for it. I hope to get at least one page done today.

  • I'm behind on blog reading so I hope to make the rounds.

  • I want to spend a few hours playing with my grandson - he's going on vacation this weekend and I won't see him for a week! :(

  • Hubby might appreciate some clean clothes, so guess I can run some laundry while I do all of the above.

  • The feeders are nearly empty so I better run and get some birdseed.

  • I'm only a couple of chapters from finishing my book so maybe I can get some of reading done today too.  Hmmm, I do need to shave my legs, maybe I can soak in the tub, read, and shave - yeah, all at once.

  • There are several folders of photos that I haven't even looked at, so I'm thinking I better take some time to do that.

  • Send out a few 'thinking of you' cards, make a couple 'thinking of you' phone calls.

  • Bathe the dogs - they really need to go get their nails trimmed, maybe I can fit that in.

Sounds like I may be up all night trying to accomplish a check mark for each item.

I had so much fun with Monday's post, reading all the comments about the various tattoos people have, some of you would never dream of getting one and some of you have a bunch, 8-10.  The comment section is a pretty good read if you find my to do list too boring or unfulfilling.

The above photo was taken by my husband.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much work there is to do before, during and after a vacation??? I still haven't caught up on my laundry, and I've had a bazillion birthday parties to plan/host, then the thank you card writing marathon, then planning for our next trip.

    I'm hoping to scrapbook our trips too, since I just started (I made a scrapbook for Amanda before she left for college). I'd love to see photos of yours once you're finished!

  2. I sometimes wonder what percentage of our lives are spent preparing for or catching up. Seems like a whole lot! And then when one list is nearing completion, another begins...

  3. i feel your pain, my friend. Especially about the picture folders...i have some back from July *blush*

    You know how i plan on dealing with all of the chores today?

    Go. To. The. Pool.

    After all, i only have a few days left with the kids home and i need to make the best of it!

  4. It never stops - but hey, sometimes we can squeeze some "Me-time" in! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  5. I used to scrapbook, but now I picaboo. :)

    Does this thing allow HTML? Let's try.

    I used to scrapbook, but now I picaboo. :)

  6. That is a big list of to-do's! I hope you get get it done!!!! =)

  7. That looks soooo good. Makes me anticipate my dinner way too early!

  8. Scrapbook? You underachieiver! My daughter's scrapbook has her at 4 months old. (She's 6-1/2.) Her 4-year-old sister has no scrapbook.

    Laundry? I skipped a week of laundry. (I do laundry once a week, not every day.) I could tell it was getting bad because when folding the girls' underwear, I saw sizes and designs I don't even remember. I'm sure they couldn't have lasted another day.

    But I vote for the book!

  9. he's got a damn good eye, that's a cool shot!

  10. Clever photo & title … I’m playing the same game myself today … hoping to get myself out of the hole I’ve created w/o just clearing my reader and skipping responses to comments …neither of which I want to do. I did manage to create pictorial headers for two of my blogs at long last yesterday. Now all I need to do is fiddle with the template html codes to deal with the ‘line’ glitches on each, but I’m glad I stuck with this and figured out how to make them ‘fit’ … sort of. Good luck with YOU ‘ketchup’ ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Love the photo and title. I still haven't finished the photo book of our wedding, over a year ago now, which is terrible! I just spend so long faffing about with it.

    Hope you get your list done or the best bits of it anyway :)

  12. Oh do I feel ya. Scrapbooking and photog organizing is on my short list. THen again, it has been for months. Enjoy that little boy - I know how much you'll miss him that week!

    Cool shot - of course.

  13. anglophilefootballfanatic.comAugust 21, 2008 at 3:07 PM

    Good luck on catching up. I know exactly what you mean. And, some 57 is necessary on just about everything I eat.

  14. 1) One page in the scrapbook is better than none.
    2) We will wait on you to come visit. We've all been behind before.
    3) I know the feeling. I left Little Miss P today and won't see her again until Thanksgiving.
    4) Does Hubby not know how to run the washing machine?
    5) Give the birds directions to the feed store and your credit card.
    6) I have a book I was reading in the bath tub. Amazing how big a book gets when you drop it in the water.
    Shave? What's that?
    7) Maybe you could look at the photos while you're in the tub. If the photos are on your computer, keep the cord out of the water.
    8) Send the "thinking of you" thoughts transcendentally. That way, if the ones you're thinking of don't receive them, it's their fault.
    9) Send the dogs to the spa. While you're there, make an appointment for yourself.

  15. How the heck did I make that smiley face instead of the #8?

  16. Lisa...that list would take an entire week or MORE!! Hope the site helped and you were able to complete hubby's card....tell him Happy Birthday!! Cool pic!!

  17. Hi Lisa, it's been a while since I was able to visit you, so I guess I'm in the same boat right now! Trying to fit three days into one, it's just not possible right?
    I enjoyed your amazing pictures again, thise dragonflies are the prettiest insect I have ever seen, almost as beautiful as your butterflies! Of course we still need to find time to make those too huh?

  18. Funny how I always heard about the dog days of summer....time to be lazy and lay around!!!
    So where the heck are they!!!

  19. I had a similar list yesterday, even longer actually -- I hardly got anything done. Guess I better get off this computer and get busy!! Love all your recent photos (as always :-)