Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cell Phones


We have had Sprint cell phones for at least 6 years now and have always been happy with them.  So happy in fact that for the last year we have had 6 lines on our plan.  Recently, Sprint made some changes and no longer allow 6 lines to be on one plan.  What this means is that, without our knowledge, or consent, our phones were split up into two plans!

Luckily, my husband discovered this within a week of it happening.  Unfortunately, even after a long time on the phone with several different people, nothing can be done about it.  We feel that since Sprint made the change, and at no fault of our own we cannot continue on the plan we had where the 6th line costs $9.99 instead of $99 a month, we should be allowed to disconnect that 6th line without the $200 deactivation fee.

Sprint says if we want to shut that line off it will cost $200 period.  We argued and got nowhere.  We are not going to pay for two plans, making our bill well over $200 a month - that’s not going to happen.  And we don’t feel it is fair that they charge us the early termination fee when the only reason we want to terminate that phone is because of billing changes they made and are forcing on us.  We never consented to it and would never agree to it.  They just made the changes and that’s how it is.

The only solution we were given is that we could place that one line in limbo for 6 months at a charge of $5.95 a month.  That is the choice we made as it saves us the most money, but is this really fair?!

We are not very happy with Sprint right now.  And if they can just change our plan all willy nilly, as they please, and force us into things we do not want to do, then I think we will be shopping for a new cell phone carrier very soon.



  1. Talk about lousy business practices! Totally unfair. Dealing with any of the utility companys - cable, dish, phone, power - is always frustrating. The first frustration is usually that you can't understand the person you're speaking with...and then, there's the inflexibility...

  2. That's not right, not at all. I've been with Cingular/AT&T for about 14 years and haven't had them do any screwy business...yet! The only thing I've finally done is STOP getting the free phone deals that do nothing more than extend my contract. The last phone I got, I walked in and paid full price for it. The guy said, "Oh, by looking at your account, I see it's up for renewal and I can get you that same phone for free." I told him No. I was done with contracts and would rather have the freedom of cancelling my account whenever I want.

    Good Luck, and I'd see about writing their main office or something...don't give up yet!

  3. It's exhausting trying to stay ahead.
    Business has found holes everywhere to steal additional dollars and they get away with it.
    My home line has so many sur-charges I can't understand how it is even legal and I too have the $9.99 plan in addition to my husband cell plan.
    I swear one day I will shut down everything but consumers ( electric /gas ) although I LOVE all the new tech.
    My huge beef is with insurance companies and the medical fields.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Tell the pirates at cingular to shove off.

  4. I empathize with your frustration. Seems like Sprint just had a HUGE legal judgment them recently and this could be another in the making, especially since this all happened without any notification and/or permission from you and no option to 'opt out' ...

    That said ... I've been with 'Verizon' for a LONG time (as have most of my friends) and to my knowledge (and in my personal experience), once you have a plan that remains your plan until YOU make a request to change it ... even when the plan is no longer available to others. It has something to do with a 'grandfather' clause.

    It seems to me that charging you $200 to cut off a single 'offending line' is a foolish business decision on their part and if you pursue the matter I suspect you'll find someone in the company that agrees with you ... especially since you've been with them for a long time. Good luck ...
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. I had heard that cell phone companies are no longer able to charge a termination fee?? And they must give you the option of paying the real price on the phones so that you don't have to lock into a new contract???? Maybe it hasn't gone into effect yet???

  6. Contact the FCC, Federal Communications Commission,, maybe that will help. Sprint sounds pretty ridiculous.

  7. Good advice you got! Telecom companies now have have an uphill battle with their eraly termination fees.
    It - in fact is now officially illegal. You might want to let your Sprint Rep in on that little secret! ;)
    Nevertheless - good luck with this stubborn Telecom company.
    Cheers(for you - Boo's for them), Klaus

  8. It's an issue being discussed for California - early termination fees. I certainly think your situation should be an exception to their rule - they're the ones who changed it and left you high and dry! BTW, I'm really liking your new blog design.

  9. You didn't sign a contract when they split off the plan, so I don't see how they can possibly get away with charging $200 for an early termination fee. I'd try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Another possibility might be to pay the termination fee with your credit card and then dispute the charge. Of course, I haven't even looked over Klaus's link. That might be the answer right there.

  10. I'd be a little more than crabby over that one and definitely shopping. But they're all merging now, and who knows what is going to happen.

    But the pictures with the post just made me happy anyway!

  11. We had issues with Sprint as well. I'm on a list serve called She has some info on her site about getting those things fixed. Howard Clarke is another good source for ways to get rid of that fee and get the line cancelled.

  12. We just bought iPhones 3G, (ATT) our big splurge for the business. Unfortunately we had to pay the full price because we had just moved to FL in November and had to start a new contract then, so we weren't eligible for the huge discount. But for us, the convenience of his not having to drag his laptop as often in the field is more than worth it, though I do think they are overpriced!

    I hope you do contact the FCC, that was my first thought, that, and blogging about it. I will never recommend Sprint to anyone after reading this and the article that was also left as a link to you.

  13. I love the flower....very very pretty!!!

    Okay now on to SPRINT....
    They are EVIL! Bad people!

    You should have what they call GRANDFATHERED service!!!!
    They are WRONG for doing this to yall!!!!!

  14. Oh I would be peeved about that too. It really just irks me when companies rip me off especially when it's so unethical if you think about it logically. Sigh. I hope you get a better resolution from them!

  15. That is so wrong! It's not my bill, but it just pisses me off hearing about it! That can't be legal. Isn't there someone you can call to check into that? Is it the state attorney general's office? It seems I've heard something about that before. I would at least complain about it on local news and hope that the story would get picked up by other stations as well. One of the Wichita stations has a news segment like that where they hear consumer complaints and check into it--and yeah, I think it's the state attorney general they often check with. Grrrr!